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Plagiarism Essay

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Jzmyne Flakes
September 7, 2015
Freshman Comp 1123


Using someone else’s ideas or phrasing and representing those ideas or phrasing as our own, either
on purpose or through carelessness, is a serious offense known as plagiarism. Using other people’s
ideas or phrasing includes written or spoken material—from whole papers and paragraphs to
sentences and parts of sentences. This also includes statistics, lab results, art work, etc. “Someone
else” can mean a professional source, such as a published writer or critic in a book, magazine,
encyclopedia, or journal; an electronic resource such as material we discover on the Internet; another
student at our school or anywhere else; a paper-writing “service” (online or otherwise) which offers
to sell written papers for a fee.

Below is an original passage from a source followed by four passages that paraphrase and/or quote
the source. For each of the four passages, identify whether it is or is not ...view middle of the document...

Also, because work is still based on the assumption that mothers stay home
with children, facilities for child care remain woefully inadequate in the United States.
Is this plagiarism? Why or why not?
* This is plagiarism because even though she changed a few words around, she said the same exact thing the author initially said without quoting.

2. As Elaine Tyler May points out, “women’s wages often continue to reflect the fiction that men
earn the family wage” (May 588). Thus many single mothers cannot support themselves and
their children adequately. Furthermore, since work is based on the assumption that mothers stay
home with children, facilities for day care in this country are still “woefully inadequate” (May
Is this plagiarism? Why or why not?
* This is not plagiarism because she quoted what the author said and gave a clear understanding as to where and who the text came from.

3. By and large, our economy still operates on the mistaken notion that men are the main
breadwinners in the family. Thus, women continue to earn lower wages than men. This means,
in effect, that many single mothers cannot earn a decent living. Furthermore, adequate day care
is not available in the United States because of the mistaken assumption that mothers remain at
home with their children.
Is this plagiarism? Why or why not?
* This is not plagiarism, this is paraphrasing, because the writer uses her own style or “slang” to relay the exact message the author wrote.

4. Women today still earn less than men — so much less that many single mothers and their
children live near or below the poverty line. Elaine Tyler May argues that this situation stems in
part from “the fiction that men earn the family wage” (May 588). May further suggests that the
American workplace still operates on the assumption that mothers with children stay home to
care for them (May 589). This assumption, in my opinion, does not have the force it once did.
More and more businesses offer in-house day-care facilities . . . .
Is this plagiarism? Why or why not?
* This is not plagiarism, this is summarizing, because the writes briefly explains the topic of the text, making sure that we only read the relevant information.

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