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Placement As A Rehabilitation Process Essay

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As a practicing counselor, these are some of the activities I would consider putting in my guidance programme and further explain how I would execute them in my work.
Before highlighting the activities to be undertaken in this programme, one needs to understand what is meant by Life Skills. According to the World Health Organisation in the ministry of Education Teachers’ Curriculum Manual (2001: 28), Life Skills are defined as “Ability for adaptive and positive behaviour that enables individuals deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life”. Schools Guidance Services (1999: 2) added that “those skills needed by an individual to operate effectively in society in an active and ...view middle of the document...

The above require attention and a comprehensive guidance programme that would help the victims and community to live effectively. In my guidance programme as a counselor, I will endeavor to highlight the under listed activities.
Project work will be one of the activities I will undertake in my guidance programme. Individuals or groups will be tasked to carry out the research on a particular concern seeking information about jobs, social issues or academic work. The group goes into research by collecting information, analyse and interpret the data. An example is where a group is assigned to draw a map of the locality showing the places of work/jobs entered by their fellow previous school learners. The group will be highly motivated to discover facts for themselves and directed to the sources of information by their leader. The other interventions would be organization of public talks or meeting by inviting representatives of different firms, organisations and occupations to give social and educational lectures to students or the community on issues affecting them. The invited personnel may give a vivid information or picture of his or her day to day experiences, work, training undertaking and the inabilities which he feels are needed in a particular work, factual information about entry requirements and professional qualifications are given during the question and answer session, illustrations such as photographs, documents, pictures depicting social life situations can be presented in making the talk more vivid.
In this case, ex-students or community models are invited back to school or community to discuss their work including the problems involved in transition from school to work. Included in this approach is that the speaker will give an outline of opportunities available in a particular field along with accurate job descriptions and preparing the school learners for the psychological and personal problems involved in becoming a community member or worker.
Galloway (1994) alluded that career education and pupils’ understanding of the world of work, health and sex education, study skills and ability to make effective use of resources available in the school, awareness of their rights and responsibilities in the local communities and in the wider society, relationships within the school and outside it. This constitutes to the major areas contributing to personal and social education by which invited persons through meetings and public talks can address either to students or community members.
Similarly, field trips or excursions can be undertaken as part of activities on a guidance programme. This maybe occupational or placement visit planned to give students or school leavers an idea of different sorts of work . Students will visit industries, firms and other organizations that are planned by guidance officers for the job that will benefit them. On the other hand, students too can visit places of work which they feel there is a real...

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