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A war, a war for Gregor’s mind, Gregor's mind is a battle ground between his human and vermin parts. While there might not be a struggle between the human and vermin parts of his physical body, the more complex part of his being the Consciousness is undergoing a change that will either complete the metamorphosis to a vermin, or keep the one miniscule part of Gregor’s previous life. Gregor exhibits a conflict between man and animal with in his consciousness, this conflict appears when there is interaction with humans.
Grete has now become Gregor's nurse-maid; this effectively elevates all responsibility that Gregor previously had. Gregor no longer needs to provide food for him, a basic responsibility that Grete has taken from him. Even though this responsibility has ...view middle of the document...

”(24) It is very evident that there is turmoil within Gregor’s head the more instinctive and animal part of him reveals its self when he is repealed by the milk. The human part that is still a part of Gregor is evident when he reflects on what his sister will do with the milk. Even in the reflection here is an animal instinct to run up to Grete and beg at her feet for a more pleasing food. Here the battle was won by the human part as Gregory does not want to beg, or call attention to him.
The next battle occurs when Grete and Gregor’s mother are taking out the furniture. Gregory feels a longing for his past human life but his family was,
depriving him of everything that he loved; they already carried away the chest of drawers, in…the desk he had done his homework on when he was a student at business college, in high school, yes, even public school- now he had no more time to examine the good intentions of the two women, whose existence, besides, he had almost forgotten, for they were so exhausted that they were working in silence, and one could only hear the heavy shuffling of their feet. And so he broke out… he saw the hanging conspicuously on the wall, which was otherwise, bare already the picture of the lady all dressed in furs, hurriedly crawled up on it and pressed himself against the glass… At least no one could take this picture. (35)
Gregor sees the loss of his funiture

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