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Ping Sweeps And Port Scans In Development

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Ping Sweeps and Port Scans in Development

In this paper we will be going through all the processes which will show how dealing with security. An example would be the ping sweeps and port scans recently. This will show a complete example to how certain techniques can affect our work environment.

To start with, it should be known that either of these two methods could have malicious issues in order to also achieve certain goals. They can be used in order for a hacker to take advantage of our system or the host within it, but on the same page, network administrators also use these methods in order to make certain checks. I will explain first what each of these methods are and could do and also then have a simple option of how it can be dealt with if you would prefer.

Ping sweeps are when is a manner to see if you ...view middle of the document...

When we ping it has a packet being sent out to a certain IP address and if that address is being used in an active manner, we will then receive a notification back, hence the ping. Other reasons we send a ping would be to see if the signal is strong enough along the network and see if there is any kind of packet loss. In the manner of a hacker, they would use this to look for a break in the network in order to break in. If they can see what computers are active they will know where to move in and press their attack on the network (Linux Journal, 2005). . Though at the end of the day I can say that this can be worked on and kept more secure by using a controlled router.

Now if you ask me how port scanning is affecting us, it is almost in the name. It is the act of scanning a computer’s port(s). A port being what goes in and out of a computer for the purpose of information, the port in itself has an open door of such that to the computer. For the use of managing a network, it is to audit a computer for vulnerable conditions. Though I will say it also can be used by a hacker for the purposes of leaving a virus, the loss of sensitive data, or any number of compromises on the system. This is also why we do have a firewall up for the protection of our system and the network as a whole.

I do hope this will in some way put you at ease. Just know that if there is a ping sweep or port scan, it does not mean we are being hacked, though there is the possibility of it. It is always best to notify IT of any concerns or possible issues that look as if they could come about. Though for your frame of mind, now you know there is a legitimate reason for these as well.

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