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Pillow Talk Essay

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Pillow Talk

Katherine Courtney
January 26, 2012
COM 200 Interpersonal Communication
Aisha Meeks

Every night before we sleep, a little secret we must speak. Imagine your relationship based off that philosophy and how much better it might be. Couples speak to each other all the time, but how often do they truly communicate? What is communication to you? I am sure that you are one of those couples who think hey, we talk all the time so there’s no communication problems with our relationship, but think about it, what do you say when you think you are communicating? Do you talk about what needs done when and how, or do you talk about each other to each other? Who is doing the ...view middle of the document...

Communication and trust being so important to our relationship, we decided on many things that deal with trust and communication, but the thing that most pertains to this subject would be our agreement to set aside time every night to talk about anything and everything. That is our pillow talk time. With having six children, trying to work, keeping up on bills and the house, things can become hectic quick, so we quickly realized that the only time we ever had a moment to ourselves together, if we weren’t too exhausted, was in bed.
At pillow talk time, we truly talk about everything and anything, even a few of the tips mentioned in the article Can We Talk such as what are you most afraid of, and other deep, personal questions have come up. That is also our time to vent about the day and how we feel, because we noticed if we did not talk about these things we did not sleep and our relationship started to fall apart quickly. We truly do share our deepest thoughts, feelings, fears, and flaws with each other as our text mentions, and that has made us vulnerable, but it has also made us stronger (Sole) & (Schoenberg).
I truly feel and agree with the article Can We Talk about how important self-disclosure is. I also agree and feel that self-disclosure is directly related to relationship longevity and quality. I feel this because if you do not take the time to get to know each other on a deeper level, then your relationship will not hit a deeper level (Sole, 2011). As the article mentions about romantic relationships beginning with a lot of sharing and excitement it also goes on to mention how over time other things can push the relationship to the back burner, and the sharing and excitement will eventually cease. This is completely true, it is life, and relationships take a lot of work, they require constant maintenance if you will. In order to keep the excitement and sharing of...

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