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Pillars Of The Earth Essay

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Literature Essay: The Pillars of the Earth
Shannen Guerra
12th Grade B

Life and humanity’s real essence is such a complex topic to cover. To try to do so in a book would imply a carefully thought over work and its extension would obviously not be short. There is a very large amount of aspects, each with a singular characteristic or particularity, that the person in question to develop the topic has to have a very good way of conveying the message in order for the public (in this case, the readers) to fully comprehend. There are so many things to take into consideration, all of which are to be further developed. The Pillars of the Earth, a historic-fictional novel situated on a specific ...view middle of the document...

She’s an outlaw, and fiercely defends her son before all; she’s also a round character because her own story is intertwined with that of the book. After, we have Prior Philip, the most important and favorite character in the story---for me, at least. Prior Philip is a warm hearted, somewhat naïve, determined, energetic, clever, piteous, devoted, righteous, small-sized and intense blue-eyed monk who becomes prior of Kingsbridge and, later, Bishop of Kingsbridge. His determination to transform Kingsbridge into a prosperous town is, to me, the central point to this book, and that’s why he’s a round character. Then we got Aliena, daughter to the Earl of Shiring and sister to Richard of Kingsbridge, a decided, altruistic, beautiful woman that, due to some bad decisions she takes, suffers a lot throughout the story; only at the last part is when she sees herself truly realized with herself, after being terrorized by William Hamleigh through all her life and after giving herself to a vow she made to her father. She becomes the lover and wife of Jack Jackson and bears him two children. Now, let’s proceed with the antagonists, the evil characters of the story. There’s William Hamleigh, an evil, cruel, demented, sadistic, and son of a minor landowner. He thinks himself of noble ascent and stalks Aliena till the day of his death; he’s a round character because many of his actions alter the course of the story. After, we got Bishop Waleran Bigod, a covetous, sly, sick of greed for power, manipulative and corrupt cleric, the responsible for many of the catastrophes that happened to Kingsbridge, along with William. He tries throughout the story to overpower Philip’s actions in order to get what he wants. He’s, as well, a round character, because his actions totally affect the story; he changes whenever it is convenient for him. I don’t agree with what we discussed in class that characters such as Richard, Martha and Alfred (daughter and son of Tom Builder and Agnes), Agnes, Jonathan, and Lord Percy and Lady Regan Hamleigh (William Hamleigh’s parents) are major characters; I think they’re more of minor characters. I do accept that some of their actions are representative for the storyline; nevertheless, they’re not as relevant as the ones previously listed are. Out of that list I can maybe exclude Alfred Builder, dumb, cruel and envious of Jack, and Regan Hamleigh, whose wit and greed are similar to that of Waleran Bigod’s, but that’s it. I dare say they’re the other only round characters, but the rest, they’re minor. Martha doesn’t really play an important role here, and we don’t know much about her, only that she lives in a kind of loving-worshipping adoration to Jack through all her life; about Agnes, we know that she was a determined and strong willed woman, but she dies on part one, so we don’t really discover anything more about her; as for Richard, we know he becomes a skilled knight, but actually he’s a good-for-nothing who just laid back and waited...

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