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Pick Me: Negotiation For Product Placement

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Pick Me: negotiation for Product Placement

Entertainment Business Negotiation and Deal Making

December 19, 2010

One month prior to the release of Apple’s iPad in local stores it was possible for consumers to obtain a demonstration of the functionality of the product itself. This demonstration was available simply by viewing a prime time television sitcom. It became impossible to just watch television without the saturated marketing of the iPad. No one can watch television with seeing a product placed strategically in the show. Both the television and print industries alike seemed to thrive on this campaign. A recent article in Campaigns & Elections, states that ...view middle of the document...

Some prime examples are ABC’s season six of their hit show Desperate Housewives was accompanied by a Sprint mini-series before commercial breaks. This mini-series was created with the help and direction of the show creative team. Paralleling this type of show was creative for the hit series 24, the deodorant brand Degree joined forces with shows staff to create another mini-series type of advertising pitch. However the idea was matching the product with the characters that are in the show. In essence this the key parts of this major negotiation had to be taken into consideration for a decision to be made. Both the foundation of the show and the products relevance to had to be taken into a great consideration for the deal to work and make sense to the consumer ultimately.
Millions of dollars are made within the film industry for both filmmakers and brands. It is not by coincidence that the main character of a movie may have a craving for a Starbucks coffee. It is not necessarily written in the script initially or because its the actor’s favorite coffee but because Dunkin Donuts did not win the negotiation. The most obvious placement that I have witnessed would be in the movie entitled Talladega Nights- the character Ricky Bobby, near the latter part of the film an Applebee’s commercial was placed in the movie. The run time of this commercial was is at least 30 seconds!! When deals are reached for this type of brand or label positioning the deals are motivated by money. The movie producers need the advertising dollars to complete the movie however, some movies place products without a negotiation or payment for one advertisement, just as creative choice of the filmmakers. For instance, in the movie Cast Away, Chuck Noland calls the volleyball ‘‘Wilson’’ because the volleyball’s brand is in fact a Wilson ( Maynard & Scala 2006). Wilson Sporting Goods did not have the need to participate in a bidding war to have their volleyball become a character in the movie. The reasoning behind the selection of this type of ball is the because the creative team of Hanks, Broyles, and Zemeckis made the executive decision to select a Wilson volleyball for the part in the film. (Maynard, & Scala, 2006). Therefore for this coupling instead of the brand approaching the movie, the movie approached the brand....

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