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Physiological Effect Of Puberty During Adolescence

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The physiological effects of puberty during adolescence |
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This Paper illustrates the physiological effects of puberty during adolescence. It gives definitions of puberty and adolescents and tries to correlate the two in checking for the effects on each other. The paper gives the psychological changes brought about by the outward changes of an individual during the growth stage of adolescent. ...view middle of the document...

In reaction to the gesture, the gonads manufacture an assortment of hormones that arouse the development, function, or stimulation of the brain, and other body organs, like the breasts, and the organs, and tissues like bones, muscle, and blood. Growth hastens in the early stages of puberty and impedes at the conclusion of it. Before puberty, the body disparities between boys and girls are approximately completely confined to the genitalia (2002). During puberty, the chief distinctions of body mass, figure and composition amplify in many body structures. The most noticeable of these are usually known as the secondary sex characteristics (2002).
Puberty is a period of physical and psychological growth highlighting the switch from childhood to adolescence. It usually takes place in a sequence of five phases known as the tanner stages (Wood, 2004).The stages normally commence within the ages of and handle the psychosomatic outcomes of commencement of puberty late. Psychological influence of puberty adolescence is a vital moment for alcohol abuse or used unlawful drugs within puberty can have optimistic or unconstructive consequences on.
The first stage involves the response to the hormones. Once puberty starts, the body initiates production of reproductive hormones (Wood, 2004). Of which, as earlier discussed, are accountable for psychological changes. These changes include mood swings which are frequently seen during this phase of human growth. It is significant to note these hormones generated during puberty, are testosterone in boys, progesterone and estrogen in girls. These hormones are accountable for the abrupt psychology and physical transformations and usually the young children find it complex to handle this unexpected alteration (2004).
The second phase involves a phase that includes mental development. During puberty and adolescence, the brain is also maturing and expanding (woody, 2004). In spite of their propensity toward spontaneity, adolescents have an extra complex capacity to think, reason and figure out views than they were children. Though the brain attains about 90- 95% of its adult volume by ages five to ten, it maintains growth considerably in adolescence. Some of the changes that occur make the brain more capable because the superfluous associations among brain cells are eradicated. Another change is the development of myelin sheaths is completed especially around the nerve endings thus permitting impulses to move quicker in the brain. In addition, functions of the brain become more confined on either the right or the left half of the cerebral cortex. These transformations are reproduced in adolescents' superior memory and analytical abilities. But as the brain's effectiveness augments, it drops the capacity of easily taking on fresh functions. For instance, even though most secondary verbal communication education occurs during adolescence, our brains would in fact be more amenable to knowledge of the...

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