Physics In Daily Life Essay

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Physics in Daily Life

Through out my daily life activities physics is involved with every aspect. Even while I sleep physics is at work. So lets begin with sleep. Sleeping is usually what I am doing when the sun rises and the day begins. There are a lot of physics concepts in which take place during my sleeping period, but I will touch on one that is common in every activity…. gravity. As I lay in the bed I am causing the atoms of pillow top and springs underneath to bend. I am putting pressure on the bed itself because I have weight, which is due to gravity. The force of gravity is what keeps me from floating away as I sleep or do anything else. Gravity is probably one of the most ...view middle of the document...

The friction between the pads and the rotor causes the rotor to stop spinning as well as the wheel and consequently the car. Also while that happens another physics concept is taking place. When the car stops do I stop? Yes and No. The seatbelts keep me from continuing through the windshield when the car stops. My body has the tendency to keep moving in the direction of motion which is another physics concept called inertia. This concept is a dangerous one especially in a collision, but thanks to seatbelts and other safety features, such as airbags, in vehicles combating inertia in humans is easier. Also, while still on the subject of driving, the car while on the highway has speed. In my car of course the speedometer gives that value in miles per hour. Coupled with whatever direction I’m traveling my velocity can be calculated. I can also take it a step further and calculate my acceleration. In my day-to-day activities this is important because I have two vehicles that I on occasion competitively race. I have taken the time to purchase parts and mostly install them myself in order to cut down on the acceleration time of my vehicles. The quicker the acceleration the more likely I am to win the race. In some cases special tools come in handy when working on my cars. A torque wrench is on that is very important. The torque wrench allows me, especially when working on the motors, to tighten certain bolts to specific specifications to prevent malfunctions. This tool is special because it allows me to calculate the amount of torque on a bolt in a way that no ordinary wrench can. Besides having torque on my bolts I also have torque from the wheels. The same modifications that I bolt on using a torque wrench also provide what is called low-end torque. This term is used to specify a type of acceleration. Usually, if your car accelerates fast stock in first or second gear it does not accelerate in the lower gears such as fourth and fifth. With certain modifications I have been able to have my car pull or accelerate just as fast in lower gears as well as higher gears. This is key in races that are a bit longer.
Another activity I complete during the day that involves physics is playing with my dog. Our usual game of choice is fetch. She good with going to get the ball, but can sometime get distracted when it comes to bringing it back to me. The act of actually throwing the ball would incorporate projectile motion, which we have already covered. If I were to calculate at what speed the ball left my hand and the rest of the formula I could just about pinpoint exactly where the ball would land. This could possibly be helpful in the instance that I could guarantee that my dog would not have to run past certain obstacles that would definitely capture her attention and provoking her to fail to bring the ball back. I have also had instances where the ball has entered the street, which is, of course, dangerous. Unfortunately, after sitting and calculating...

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