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Physical Security Policy Essay

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Physical Security Policy

Student Name: xxxxxxxxxxx

University of Phoenix

IT/244 Intro to IT Security

Instructor’s Name: xxxxxxxxx

Date: 4.14.13

Physical Security Policy

1 Security of the building facilities

1 Physical entry controls

Like we have in our company, everyone must have an ID Swipe card (smart Card), they must swipe the card coming into and going out of the building. These ...view middle of the document...

2 Security of the information systems

1 Workplace protection

We always have several servers up and running all thru the night, we have several power sources so there is enough power that is needed for the security systems as well as the alarm and camera systems.

2 Unused ports and cabling

Unused ports will be shut off or disabled, all Cabling will be locked away in a section in the IT department This will provent anyone using a port or Cable that they are not suppose to use.

3 Network/server equipment

Our IT department has an area that has two types of security; our servers are not only locked down by software but also behind an electronic key lock. This prevents anyone from messing with the system. Or stealing anything off the system. Only the IT dept. has Admin rights to get into the room and onto the systems.

4 Equipment maintenance

When a new person is hird we order a new computer, the IT sets it up with software and hardware pertaining to what the employee’s job description is. Along with Hardware and Software the IT also sets up passwords for the employee. As things go wrong on the computer the IT will check your machine over and...

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