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Physical Security Plan Essay

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Perimeter Protection

As the Security Manager of Palm Beach Marina Cove (PBMC), I was informed that there will be an expansion to the existing condominium. PBMC II will be built next to PBMC on the east side of the property near the seawall. ABC construction will be the lead company to erect the PBMC II. A construction site has a high probability of internal and external threats. With the ongoing construction, we must put in place a perimeter protection plan. The perimeter protection plan must include best practices in perimeter protection for a construction site that integrates with the contiguous existing building, properly safeguard the perimeter of both sites during ...view middle of the document...

Once the truck reaches the entry control point, they will be met by a Security Officer. The Security Officer will take that individuals badge and use a scanner. The scanner will be able to inform the security guard if they have access to the construction site. If the individual does not have access to the site, the scanner will inform the Security Guard that he or she does not have access. With all the personnel that is hired by ABC Construction, they might think they are able to switch drivers that works at another site. If this happens, the Security Guard will pull the truck to the inspection lane. The driver will then call his point of contact (POC) and inform him of the situation. The POC will then meet the Security Officer and give them his or her badge. The Security Officer will then scan the badge for access. The POC will escort the driver to the drop off point and stay with them at all times. When the driver is waiting for the POC, the other Security Officer will conduct an inspection of the trailer. This will be logged in a commercial vehicle log with all the drivers information. This ensures that no illegal equipment or items are going or leaving the construction site. This is the same practice for individuals entering leaving the construction site. This is just for the entry to the construction site, now we have to look at other options once these individuals and trucks are on the site and how we can safeguard our tenants, ABC’s employees, and equipment.

The sight of new construction brings out unfavorable individuals that will try to gain access to the construction site and areas around that site. Now that the equipment and employees are on the PBMC property, we are now responsible to ABC construction and our tenets to ensure proper security of their personnel property. The use of portable storage containers is the best way to secure smaller equipment. The first thing ABC construction must do is to identify assets and property that they are bring to the construction site. The inventory will be conducted with the site manager of ABC construction and the security manager of PBMC. Once the inventory is completed the original inventory list will be maintained by the site manager and a copy with the security manager. The next step in this process is designate a location where the equipment will be secured. The area should be in a high visible area where there are security guards and construction employees. Once the location has been designated, then a secure, portable storage container will be used to house all the smaller equipment. The storage container will have a key type lock accompanied by a deadbolt lock. The construction site manager will appoint a tool issue supervisor and six individuals that will handle the issuing and receiving of the tool. The tool room will be opened during the normal work day. The key to the tool room will be maintained by the construction site supervisor. The supervisor will maintain a...

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