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Physical Science Of Sky Diving Essay

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The Physical Science of Skydiving
Vanessa Laine Gabriel
Dr. Burkeen
Westwood College

The Physical Science of Skydiving
Skydiving which is also known as parachuting, is the action and adventurous sport in which a volunteer exit takes place from an aircraft for returning back to earth with gravity aid with the help of parachute for slowing down throughout the last of the safe descent of earth. This action may or may not comprise of a specific amount of free fall, but a moment in which the parachute has not been set out and the body accelerates gradually to terminal velocity. In this paper, a discussion will be conducted on the physical science of the skydiving.
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Thus, the faster a person goes, the powerful the resistance of air is and so finally the person is moving very fast that the resistance of air is equivalent to the force of gravity and the person does not accelerate any further. The person gets in touch with the terminal velocity for maintaining his or her existing position of body (Barlow, Niemirska, Gandhi & Leblanc, 1983).
However, the question that raises here is that why does the position of the body come into it? (Joseph, 2004). As, the resistance of the air also relies on the shape of any object and as a consequence by tucking in the legs and arms, the person can attain a relatively speedy terminal velocity as compare to the legs and arms of a person that are spread out. Although, the skydivers do not need to splay their legs and arms for slowing down if they were frightened of higher speeds and even they must not choose this sport then. Such persons, who go for skydiving, are trying for attaining a body position that is dynamically stable (Matthew & Foster, 1992).
The dynamic stability permits an arrow flying in nose direction first. If the arrow begins flipping sideways, then the air resistance that is in opposition to the fletching is better in comparison to the resistance at the nose direction, and eventually the arrow automatically goes in backward direction to its initial starting (Barlow, Niemirska, Gandhi & Leblanc, 1983). Similarly, the skydivers do not want to be out of control and to be dropping down end over end, so they trail their feet and arms behind them for acting like as they have feathers on the arrow (Mohazzabi & Shea, 1996).
There are various things that go beside the act of skydiving or parachuting. The things that a person undoubtedly tries to ask are, ‘How can he or she land safely through a parachute when he or she will be in higher speeds?’ or, ‘How can they do the things that are done by professional skydivers?’ (Joseph, 2004). There is just a straightforward answer to all such questions and that is, Air resistance. When an object or body is moving at higher speeds similar to that, then air resistance becomes a source of slowing down the speed of their velocity by maintaining their specific...

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