Physical Fitness And Spiritualism Essay

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“ Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Sprit within you ,whom you have from God?” - Corinthians 6:19-20
Spirituality is defined by God and it is a manifestation of His nature. The essence of spirituality is part of the human experience which is to explore and discover our true selves who we are , where we are going, why we are here .It allows us to get in touch with our own moral compass by knowing what is wrong and right according to our personal beliefs .Through this journey it gives us a sense of meaning ,hope comfort and peace within our life. Spirituality allows us to feel connected and to respect others around us and for us to be one with our ...view middle of the document...

The spiritual dimension of wellness involves seeking meaning and purpose in human existence .It focuses on the development of appreciation towards the universe . Spiritual wellness involves a commitment by a person to undertake a journey of inner understanding.
What is fitness ? This can be defined as the capacity to carry out day to day activities without the feeling of fatigue. Spiritual fitness refers to the qualities built into us through our relationship with God to resist strong harmful influences or assaults.
Due to the positive effects of spiritual practices like improving skills, encouraging feeling of positivity, it promotes healthy behavior, reduces depression and anxiety. Things such as faith , hope, forgiveness, love and social support and prayer all have very positive impacts on maintaining a very healthy life.
Faith , an individuals deepest beliefs have a very strong influence on their health . In an 1988 research researchers say that faith increases the body’s resistance to stress.
Then there is hope , which is keeping a positive attitude in a time of difficulty. Another research conducted stated that individuals who expressed hope lived longer and suffered fewer illnesses in their life. The third attribute is forgiveness this is something that is encouraged by many spiritual traditions. Forgiving means to release all hurt and disappointment from past hurts . Love and Social support ,individuals who have family and friends to lend assistance and there for emotional support tend to be very healthy as they have people who show love and care towards them .Knowing that there is someone who they can offload on helps to maintain a mentally stable person . Lastly prayer ,prayer has now become an important part of one’s daily life . The act of putting oneself in the presence of conversing with God has always been used as a means of healing it allows an individual feel as if they are one with God and from doing this they gain more hope and as said before having hope and positivity it will increase ones health .

Daily physical activity and exercises help to stimulate and circulate blood flow throughout our mind , body and spirit .Physical fitness produces a creative flow which keep us active with our mental alertness...

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