Physical Discipline Essay

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Physical Discipline

One of the most controversial issues in parenting today is physical disciple in a child’s

Up-bringing, when does discipline end and abuse start? Do we need to spank or hit our children.

At one time or another most of us have seen an out-of-control parent in a parking lot,

supermarket or at home smack a child. It has probably left quite an impression whether you

approved or disapproved. The law is very touchy on this area of discussion due to various

cultural and religious beliefs in America today. When is it okay to tell a person how to raise their

child? Should spanking be ...view middle of the document...


being slapped, hit, or spanked can learn that when they are upset and angry they should lash out

physically, instead of learning that their behavior is wrong and that they need to act better.

Kids often have tantrums in the grocery stores, and the situation is usually handled

differently by different people, but whose is to say what’s right and wrong. What works for some

might not work for others. Maybe the punishment needs to be different or vary depending on the

child; some might need a stronger hand, so to speak. Even when discipline can’t be avoided,

most parents have found ways to circumvent the need to make it physical. Many parents have

used the time-out method with success while others end up with an uncooperative child. So is all

physical punishment necessarily wrong? Some parents have developed other inventive ways to

make discipline a physical experience as their children got older. Like making them perform

exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, or having them perform chores around the house. While

many stay with passive mean such as grounding them or taking away tv and video game

privileges and in some scenario’s having the kids stand in the corner for a determined amount of

time. However many agree that which ever route in discipline you take the most important aspect

to a child’s discipline is consistency. Of course this doesn’t mean beat your children everyday,

but that the conditions of their punishment are know and that the parents don’t end up making

empty threats. Due to the fact that children are always testing there limits, which parents should

always except from their children or child. Unfortunately in most case’s hitting is

done when parents have lost their temper and often the punishment doesn’t even fit the

crime. Parents need to be able to handle their kids in a calm and consistent manner whether are

not the punishment is physical or non-physical. A friend of mine not long ago was...

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