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Physical Assessment Essay

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Health Assessment
Physical Assessment Techniques Evaluation Form
Assessment Area | Individual Items to AssessDemonstrate the correct technique for assessing the following: | Points/Points Possible |
Measurement and Vital Signs | * The candidate asks the patient their weight. * The student takes the vital signs (pulse, respirations, and blood pressure). | /2 |
Skin – | * Hands and nails * Color and pigmentation * Temperature
 * Moisture
 * Texture
 * Turgor
 * Any lesions | /7 |
Head and Face | * Scalp, hair, cranium * Face (cranial nerve VII) * Temporal artery * Temporomandibular joint * Maxillary sinuses * Frontal sinuses | /6 |
Eyes – ...view middle of the document...

popliteal b. posterior tibial c. dorsalis pedis * Temperature, pretibial edema * Toes | /4 |
Musculoskeletal/Neuro Balance | * Ankles and feet * Neurologic * Sensationa. face b. arms c. hands d. legse. feet * Position sense * Stereognosis * Cerebellar function (finger-to-nose) * Cerebellar function (heel-to-shin) * Bilateral deep tendon reflexes a. Biceps b. Triceps c. Brachioradialis d. Patellar Achilles * Babinski reflex | /9 |
Hips/Knees ROM and Muscle Strength | * Walk across room (heel to toe) * Walk on tiptoes, then walk on heels * Romberg sign * Shallow knee bend * Touch toes * ROM of spine | /6 |
Presentation | * Talks to patient * Explains procedure * Advises follow-up with primary care provider as needed * Thanks patient and leaves room | /3 |
Total /88 |

Analysis of findings:
Note: You can add this to the end of this form or as a separate file...

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