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Physical Appearance Attraction Essay

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Clearly everyone has a different idea of “physical attraction” because everyone comes from different backgrounds and different cultures with different normative attractions. I imagine that if I did this study with many other males and many other females, I would get a wider variety of answers as to what they believe is “physically attractive” to another person. Gay and lesbian couples find different things appealing than do heterosexual couples. The man that Cindy describes as being attractive to another man could be seen as the “trouble-maker” or “bad boy”. Cindy described men liking large hands able to work, and also “toned muscles” and an “angled jaw structure”. All of these attributes ...view middle of the document...

She assumed that women more often enjoyed the mysterious gait about the male. James describes half clothing articles and half appearances that can’t be changed without some sort of plastic surgery manipulation. In some ways, James believes women are more concerned with outer appearance than with the physical beauty the man actually posses and cannot change. Kathy stated that most of her “what women think is attractive in men” list also was on her “what men think is attractive in men” list. She mostly discussed physical attributes that could not be changed. She admitted that when she thought about items for the “what men think is attractive in men” column, she tried to think of things she liked most in men or what other men envy or compare themselves to.
What men think is attractive in women easily came to be the epitome of the stereotypical attractive female for both genders. Almost 90% of the time, what others found attractive in women was not something that could easily be changed. Females tend to view their best attributes as the things that cannot be changed or are very difficult to change without major surgeries. James tended to focus more on clothing and adornment and give very broad, general answers when it came to the more permanent physical attributes of females. According to Burgoon, Guerrero, and Floyd (103) women use make up to make...

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