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Photoshopping Essay

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in this course i learned many things that apply to many situations and many places. through out the entire course i learned everything from self respect to respect for others. when i say self respect i don't only mean to treat oneself honorably but to take care of yourself whether physically, mentally, emotionally, and so on. as for the respect to others, it includes your peers and everyone else and everything else, whether living or not. it was a very broad topic and a course i very much enjoyed. i also liked this course because everything it was teaching me to do lined up with my beliefs. so what did i learn in this course and how can i use these teachings in real life?

throughout the beginning lessons, it was all about working on oneself. it spoke about reaching your potential and how one can reach them with the resources provided to them. i learned how to put my resources to work and how they impact my potentials. it also ...view middle of the document...

so the topic changed from working on oneself to protecting and developing skills that helps you when you get older and older as peer pressure does not only occur in schools. you can see that most of these qualities start out in schools but any places such as workplaces and homes need such qualities to become function. so learning to become a loyal friend and not becoming a pushover or a bully are things that will help you in your later days with dealing and solving matters.

another trait that i learned was a important character trait that from this day on i would like to work on. passive response, aggressive response, and assertive response. passive response is giving in or backing down from standing up for your needs and wants. people intent to take advantage of people when they show such weakness because they neither stand up for themselves nor are they resolute. the other trait was aggressive response. aggressive response can be useful protecting yourself in a violent situation but being aggressive doesn't get any job done but it turns people against you. the trait that i fancied very much was assertive because you become neither rude nor a pushover but respectfully and strongly react. this trait is something that is needed everywhere because no matter your setting, you will find those who think they have a right to disrespect and manipulate others.

you can see that in this course you learn about things that actually matter in life, things that you are able to put to use. i would recommend teachers to give this class to all their students because during this class, only students who don't want to learn would have not benefited from this class. it teaches you how to build your moral and character, how to defend oneself, and how to treat others. throughout this class not once did i feel bored because i was learning and taking in what i learned, i even put some of them to use already. as i mentioned before another reason why i enjoyed it was because the moral character i learned about was taught to me by my religion also. this class deserves to be taken all over again.

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