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Photography Networks Essay

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CIS 532, Network Architecture and Analysis
JANUARY 19, 2014

The analysis and proposed expansion of an existing network can be a daunting task for any company small or large. To be a truly successful company there should be the ability to manage not only the company, but to look to the future and investments in that future. This type of analysis and investment no matter the size of the company should not only be successful, but should be a seamless and virtually transparent operation.
This paper will briefly address some elements of this analysis and proposed expansion upgrade starting with a brief history ...view middle of the document...

Both the network merger and possible company expansion is not without possible sticking points as RDI must continue to provide photographic support while the project analysis and expansion recommendations take place. With this understanding, a comprehensive and feasible plan is needed to provide RDI the consultation needed to upgrade the network while using a planned minimal disruption in overall service for both RDI and their customers. “Disruptive technologies tend to open new markets and destroy old ones. Some observers are calling this Digital Darwinism which implies that organizations which cannot adapt in the new information age are simply doomed to extinction. (Baltzan & Phillips, 2009)

Project introduction

Thank you for choosing our consulting company for the merging and possible expansion of your company.
Small companies should look at startup, migration, expansion or merging procedures the same way as a larger company would, and we are the project experts that can help and guide you through this project. No matter what the size of the end product, success can very well be based on how well the project is planned.
With planning in mind and believing it to be a key element for company success, this consulting company has been selected to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and merge two networks for the RDI Photography company.
Before any project can be started a comprehensive plan must be put into place. This includes through research, involving every aspect of the project, before the first steps can be taken. As with any project, it should be noted that it is a temporary state leading to normal operations for RDI. “A project, technically, is a temporary endeavor to create a unique product or service. Projects are an undertaking outside of the normal operations of an entity” (mhprofessional, 2013).

I. Feasibility Study |
II. Network Analysis |
III. Network Design |
IV. Design Information |
V. Cost Analysis |

Feasibility Study
Project Situation: Currently RDI has two data communication networks serving both privet and government clients. The RDI management recently recommended and approved funding to pay for the analysis and development of this proposal. Pending final proposal acceptance by RDI, the project will be initiated

Network Scope: The proposed network is designed to serve and support federal, commercial (non-Department of Defense) and DoD customers. RDI contains three imagery departments to be served by this new network. These departments include, traditional film and film processing, Digital photography and digital videography. Note that this network will also support instructional needs of RDI employees.

Objectives of the Network. The new RDI network is designed to achieve several specific business/operational objectives:
1. Secure Service: The main objective is secure administrative computing for all network needs...

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