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Photo Manipulation Essay

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Photo manipulation is the function of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception through analog or digital means. Its uses, cultural impact, and ethical concerns have made it a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved (Wikepedia). Photo manipulation has been regularly used to deceive or persuade viewers, or for improved story-telling and self-expression. As early as the American Civil War, photographs were published as engravings based on more than one negative (Wikeepedia). I believe that for the sake of representing honest and accurate information, the digital editor should avoid anything that will change the actual ...view middle of the document...

In November 2000, the Daily News ran a cover story about the encounter entitled ‘All Shook Up’. The cover displayed Former President Clinton and Cuban Leader Fidel Castro in the process of shaking hands. Both leaders’ hands are extended towards one another and they appear to be jovial. Fidel Castro did approach Bill Clinton and shake his hand but there were no cameras present which means that the Daily News faked the photo. People who were present at UN summit explained it as a chance encounter. Witnesses said that Clinton and Castro spoke for a few minutes. They also said the two had a cordial conversation but there was no substance.
Even though, the Daily News didn’t completely create a false situation of Castro and Clinton meeting, they mislead their readers by running the photo on the cover of the newspaper. I believe that an exceptional photo journalist is honest and exact and if they aren’t there at the right time then they just weren’t meant to get that shot. By creating phony images of events and situations that weren’t captured, you are only betraying your viewers who rely on your paper for the truth. Misinforming your audience can create a domino effect of troublesome situations. Some of the readers of the Daily News could have been anti-Castro activists. This kind of photo could outrage hundreds of people and create mixed sentiment towards the former president. Many anti-Castro activists believe Fidel Castro to be a murderous dictator and a photo like this could depict Clinton to be tolerable of Castro’s actions. A lot of readers may take this kind of photo as another exercise in poor judgment on the part of Bill Clinton.
The Daily News also slightly damaged it’s credibility by placing this photograph on the cover of the paper. Once readers realize that this is a spurious photo they may begin to think that the newspaper has lied about countless things. They may begin to second guess...

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