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Photo Composition Essay

607 words - 3 pages

The point of this exercise is to experiment with the camera and with technique, not necessarily to create high-quality photos. In fact, some of the photos (indoors without flash, for example) may be of poor quality. Do not alter these photos in Photoshop…submit the original file as it comes off your camera.

Assignment: Take 16 digital photos using varying subjects and techniques to apply what we learned in class today. Name all photos as indicated below and place in a folder named yourlastname_firstphoto. Place this folder in the 59VanWyke folder.
1. two photos must be of the same subject at two different resolutions (640x480 and 1600x1200, or your smallest and largest resolutions).
▪ Slug these photos yourlastname640.jpg and yourlastname1600.jpg
2. two photos must be an indoor portrait of a person, one using auto flash and one without flash.
▪ Slug these photos ...view middle of the document...

You must shoot from the same distance from your subject for both photos.
▪ Slug these photos yourlastnamezoom.jpg and yourlastnamenozoom.jpg
6. one photo must be shot outdoors at night using the night mode. Your subject must be in dim light and fairly close to the camera. Practice holding the camera very steady to avoid blurring. Experiment by placing the camera on a tripod, if you have one, or on a flat surface.
▪ Slug this photo yourlastnamenightmode.jpg
7. one photo must be an action shot using a high shutter speed to capture motion. Capture a subject on the move such as a waterfall or a fast-moving car, athlete or child. Try “panning”
▪ Slug this photo yourlastnameaction.jpg
8. two photos must be a portrait demonstrating depth of field. One photo must have the subject in focus and the background out-of-focus. The second photo must have both the subject and background in focus.
▪ Slug these photos yourlastnameportraitdof1.jpg and yourlastnameportraitdof2.jpg
9. two photos must be a landscape (may be indoors) demonstrating depth of field. One photo must have the foreground in focus and the background out-of-focus. The second photo must have both the foreground and background in focus.
▪ Slug these photos yourlastnamelandscapedof1.jpg and yourlastnamelandscapedof2.jpg
10. one photo must be a portrait demonstrating the “lock-focus” feature. ”: Preset the exposure and focus by pressing the shutter button half-way down. When you're ready to take the picture, pan a bit then press the shutter button all the way down. The subject must be off-center but in focus. You should have a fair amount of distance between your subject and the background.
▪ Slug this photo yourlastnamelockfocus.jpg

← all photos must be 640x480 resolution, or as close as you can get, except for the 1600 image as taken for step 1
← Choose one portion of the assignment (step 1, 2, 3, etc.) and prepare to show your photos in class and talk about how you took them and what worked or didn’t work
← HINT: Check your storage space meter, and don’t forget to empty the trash

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