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Phishing Attacks Essay

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urweqpoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiPhishing scams are usually fake email messages coming from what seems to look like a legit business. The messages mostly redirect you to a fake website which gets you to enter your private and personal information. These scammers then commit identity theft with all the information they can gather. The term phishing initially came from using email to fish for passwords and personal information from a sea of internet users. In the early days, phishing was stealing password or accounts online, now phishing has extended to stealing personal and financial data. In the 90’s phishing used emails, fooling internet users to reply giving ...view middle of the document...

Face book
Allowing application and messages have opened the gate to phishing. A user can receive a simple message to vote for something, when the user clicks the link the page is a replica of the Facebook login page. Confused the user enters there username and password which send the information to the hacker.
The friend search
Most of the social networks sites have a way to search for friends through you email. A hacker can have a pop up to find you friends, which requires the user to enter their email and password.
Hackers use twitter but tweeting short URL replica versions of the twitter site, and the site then requires the user to log in again giving their login information to the hacker.

Phishing has caused allot of financial damage. During the time between May 2004 and May 2005, about 1.2 million computer users had experiences loss caused by phishing in the United States. The total damage was $929 million. In 2007, the attacks saw a huge increase to 3.6 million users and about $3.2 million lost. The three useful ways to protect against phishing are social responses, technical responses and legal responses. Social responses are done by the public and business. People can change the way they browse the internet. For example instead of clicking hyperlinks they can type the companies URL in the address bar. For business they should add a solution for users to authorize the email is legit. Technical response also plays a huge role in protecting against phishing. The most important is having a well recognized, good quality spyware, antivirus program. Also installing browser security updates helps to recognize unsafe links, and displaying a message when about to enter a hazardous site. Another way to reduce the risk is legal responses. The creation of the Anti-Phishing Act of 2005 enables the hackers to be charged if a website is created to gather information to be use in fraud of identity theft, or sending emails...

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