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Phineas Gage Essay

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Phineas Gage
Megan Libey
PSY 360
Melissa Jackson

Phineas Gage
Phineas Gage was a foreman working for the railroad in Vermont. In those days blasting holes was the normal procedure to gain access to lay the railroad down. Gage was using tamping powder to drill holes with a tamping iron. He would use the iron to pack the powder in holes and suddenly there was an explosion which led the tamping iron which was now protruding from left cheek and part of the brain and hanging out from his skull (Twomey, 2010). He had everyone one of his co-workers looking at him in amazement since he never loss consciousness. The Doctor that examined Gage was amazed as well and cleaned and bandages his ...view middle of the document...

The nucleus accumbens is where the input and output are passed to other gateways throughout the brain.
The Accident of Phineas Gage
The accident left Phineas Gage a changed man but the lesion that was in his head only damaged the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex, this accident left a big void in his life meaning that he knew he was changed but could not grasp the reality that people saw through him. His behaviors were altered to an extent of being a young boy again. Phineas Gage had gotten the attention of American neurologist M. Allan Starr; he was a neurologist that was amazed by frontal lobe accidents. Starr had diagnosed Gage with more than impairments to his senses and muscles, but also felt he had altered disposition to mental capabilities (Fleischman, 2002). Gage was more excitable, anxious and then would retract in emotion. Some thought that was how he became a different man after the accident.

The Brain of Phineas Gage
The damage that was reported to Phineas Gage’s brain was alarming, but not as bas as one thought. He had damage to three parts, one was his cheek bone where the tamping iron first went in, and the second was the orbital bone by the eye socket and then the last was the frontal part of his brain. The brain was enormously affected by the lesion that the tampering iron caused but many people reviewed his brain and could also see there was damage to the right side. Neurologists that were lucky enough to view the brain saw many differences in what people had said earlier. Gage’s brain was more damaged to the areas affected by language as well. But in Gage’s language it was spared (Fleischman, 2002). Only damage to...

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