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Question: Assess the influence of classical liberal political philosophy upon the structure and function of the present day Canadian Government.

Thesis: Classical Liberalism, started by John Locke, and continued by philosophers such as Jean-Jacque Rousseau, Montesquieu, Jeremy Bentham, and John Stuart Mill were passed through Britain’s Government into the Canadian Government, who has been influenced by all of the philosophers mentioned.


POV#1: John Locke’s preference of Monarchies influenced the Canadian Governments structure.

· Locke was satisfied with Monarchies, didn’t like absolute reign, but didn’t voice the need for a Republic.

· Canada ...view middle of the document...

However it can claim that a minor vote a confidence measure should it want to try for a majority.

POV#3: Jean Jacque Rousseau’s position is that rulings should be revisable; the legal system allows for appeals, as well, laws can be changed by Bills proposed by members of Parliament.

· Rousseau believed in modifying rules because if the “general will” of the people changed after a rule was made, that it should not be a final, end all decision.

· In BC the appeal court is higher than the Supreme Court, causing any court ruling to be appealable.

· Should the Appeal Court of BC create a ruling that someone isn’t happy with, the Canadian Supreme Court has the option of taking the trial to be tried for a new ruling. This is fairly similar in other provinces and territories.

· A Bill, the suggestion to make or change a Law, must start in the Senate or Commons, voting on a Bill after three reading periods in Commons for amendments. The Senate then can look at Bill to see if any amendments can be made. The Bill also needs Royal Assent, which is often provided by the Governor General.

POV#4: Rousseau’s belief in majority rule is echoed by the voting system used in Canadian Government.

· Rousseau believed in direct rule, where the people would rule as a whole. This view of people ruling government is aligned with democracy, which we have.

· Voting is used to choose the seats in the House of Commons and the Prime Minister, which decides who forms a government.

· Voting is also held for...

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