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Philosophy Of Love Essay

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Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels
Chapter 1: What are the Gospels?
| Four Gospels, One Jesus |
What are the four Gospels? | * Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John each paint a unique portrait of Jesus Christ |
| * The Gospels exhibit both unity and diversity, bearing witness to the same Jesus |
| (unity) but viewing them from unique perspectives (diversity) |
What are the four unique portraits | * Matthew presents Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, the fulfillment of the Old |
each Gospel paints of Jesus Christ? | Testament hopes |
| * Mark portrays Jesus as the suffering Son of God, who offers himself as a |
| sacrifice for sins |
| * ...view middle of the document...

How are the Gospels theological? | * The Gospels are written to instruct and encourage believers and to convince |
| unbelieves of the truth of their message |
| * Writers of the Gospel are referred to as Evangelists (from the word euangelisō |
| meaning “to announce good news”); they proclaim the good news about |
| Jesus Christ and the coming of the kingdom of God |
Why were the Gospels written? | * The Gospels are classified as historical narratives motivated by theological |
| concerns |
| * Historical: the need for a faithful and authoritative record of the |
| words and deeds of Jesus |
| |

| * Catechetical: the need to instruct converts in the Christian faith |
| * Liturgical: The need for worship material in the church |
| * Exhortatory: To encourage and assure believers in their faith |
| * Theological: The need to settle internal disputes |
| * Apologetic: The need to respond to external attacks on the church |
| * Evangelistic: The need to call people to faith in Jesus |
To whom were the Gospels written? | * Each Gospel is believed to be written to a specific Christian church to address |
| the needs of the community OR The Gospels were written to a more general |
| audience—truth lies somewhere in-between these two extremes |
Why are there four Gospels if | * The church chose to preserve the four distinct Gospels, recognizing each as a |
they tell the same story? | unique literary account and as an inspired and authoritative work of the Holy |
| Spirit |
| * The most famous attempt to synthesize the four Gospels into one is the |
| Diatessaron (“through four”), compiled by church father Tatian around AD 170 |
| *...

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