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Hard work and fait
There are two widely prevailing and mutually contradictory views on hard work. One is that however hard you work, you are only going to get whatever is there in your fate. Other one is that nothing is impossible. First view is held by those who are either influenced by eastern religions or who have experienced failures in spite of hard work. Second ...view middle of the document...

Originators and propagators of most of the religions realized that if every body works for self interest only there would be conflict of interests and weaker would suffer more. Hence in most of the religions, any activity which adversely affects others is considered immoral.
The biggest challenge confronting religious heads was how to keep man away from doing immoral things. In most of the religions this challenge was met by taking recourse to the concept of God. God was attributed to be omnipresent, guaranteeing rewards and punishments either in this life itself or in the next life.


Mans actions are by and large governed by self-interest. Morality is a code of conduct to ensure that our actions are not just governed by self interest, but the interest of other members of the society is also taken into consideration. Morality has relevance only in context of society. No action is moral or immoral for a man living in isolation.
Mans observance to this code of conduct, which we call morality or goodness, partly comes from within himself and partly results from external controls. Whereas taking care of interests of near and dear ones comes from within, external controls determine as to what extent we take into account interests of other members of society.
Promoting morality

Following are different ways of promoting morality in society,

a. To make people good so that even the concern for others, apart from near and dear ones, comes from within.
b. To make them believe that it is in their own ultimate interest to be good to others. This approach is adopted by most of the religions.
c. To establish regulatory controls so that there is no choice but to act good.

In principle method a is the best, ensuring that goodness comes from within but in practice it has proved to be most difficult method. Method b has been the most successful till now, but with dwindling faith in religion and God this method may not work for long. Now all we can have is method c.

\"Keep controlling morality of others,
yours will get automatically controlled
by others\"

Why me? Syndrome
Quite often we see bad things happening to good people and we wonder why it should happen to them. We wonder because somewhere in our mind there is a belief that only good things happen to good people and vice versa. The belief is so strong that it doesnt go in spite of witnessing innumerable examples contradicting it. The belief is outcome of tenets of most of religions. Naturally when bad happens to us, we are not able to see beyond haze of religious conceptions and misconceptions and cant help asking Why me?.
\"If good can happen, even if we do
bad, why bad cant happen even if we
do good?\"

Goodness quotient

Mans goodness can be defined simply as his concern for others. Goodness quotient can be defined as ratio of his concern for others to his total concerns. Goodness is relative. A person is considered good ...

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