Philosophy And Religion Essay

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Albert Rosales
Professor: Gill
Intro Philosophy: 213

In writing this paper, I was apprehensive by the immensity of the task that was required of me, having never studied Philosophy and philosophers before this class and not having a good understanding of it. I could not begin to comprehend Metaphysics, Ethics Epistemology etc. if it was not for this course. This may sound ignorant but I had never really given any thought to my worldview. If asked what I believed about something I would give my belief and that was that. What exactly is a worldview? A worldview is what it sounds like. It is the way one may see the world or as Nash puts it in his book Life’s Ultimate Questions “the sum ...view middle of the document...

We can get truth and knowledge from God through His word in the Bible because of this truth is not subjective. There is one truth and only one truth and that can be found in God. So is it possible to have knowledge of God and not know the truth? Yes. Sadly there are millions that fit this description. To me this is the most important view that makes up my worldview. Without my belief that truth and knowledge is found in the one and only true God Jesus Christ then truth would be subjective.
The part of my worldview I struggle with the most is ethics. What is right or wrong and where do we get our moral filter to distinguish the two?   The Apostle Paul tells us that our conscience is our moral compass that has been written in our hearts by God. What I struggle with is it maybe right to do one thing when in a situation but at other times that action is wrong. It seems that there is no clear black and white.
The last part is Anthropology, which is the nature of human beings. Since the fall of man all humans are born in to sin. God created man with a mind to make his own choices; he gave us freely the will to choose between right and wrong. I believe in two eternal destinies either heaven or hell.   We will either be in the presence of God in Heaven or separated from him in Hell. Jesus tells us in (John 14:6) that no one can come to God except through him. This scripture gives us instructions on how we should direct our lives in order to live out our eternal destiny in Heaven with God.
Is there anything wrong with my worldview? My answer to that question is no. However I can see how one could find things wrong with it. First there is the issue with God. One may say how could there be evil if God created everything good? How could one person be in charge and hold the universe in his hand? As I stated at the begging of the paper I use to give my opinion and that was that. Now I would say lets look at this and come to a conclusion because there is only one truth and since there is only one truth one of us is wrong. The next issue is that of ethics. If one has a Christian worldview and believe in the Bible shouldn’t there view be black and white? There is no gray with God. As stated I struggle with this and could see how one would challenge this idea. Are there times when it is right to do what’s wrong? My worldview says no but I would say yes. Does this mean I do not have a Christian worldview? I would say no. Now that I have shared and critique my worldview lets look at the worldview of David Hume and Thomas Aquinas.
David Hume is one of the most significant philosophers of the Enlightenment. Hume’s frequent recourse to man as the measure of all things, including God. R.C. Sproul states “Many believe that Hume destroyed once and for all the law of causality, and in doing so he opened the door to the idea that anything can produce anything (107). ”The big picture of Hume’s view of morality and religion is that they were social that is,...

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