Philosophy And Justice: What Is A Just Society?

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Guidwine Bien-Aime
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“The issue of same-sex marriage is both politically and socially polarizing because it is so often closely tied to deeply-held personal convictions, beliefs, and principles” (Dolan, P. 2013). Everyone knows same sex marriage is a big issue that we all have opinion against. It ties into belief, culture, race, and confusion. Everyone wants love but is same sex consider love? Only people that’s gay, lesbian, transsexual, and bisexual can explain why they choose to go in that path. So what do we have to say about the people that take part in the reunite of the marriage? Do we have the right to judge people? ...view middle of the document...

2013). “Such a solution would safeguard the dignitary interests of same-sex couples while also protecting wedding service providers with deep-seated religious objections to same-sex marriage from litigation for refusing to provide wedding services to same-sex couples” (Dolan, P. 2013).

We can judge on the topic same sex but reality is that we all take part in the topic. Just talking about it put us in the wrong. This issue is important in everyone community because we all need to found out ways to understand why they choose to move in the path they choice. In my community we all can see this issue going on and start to think all gay men wants every straight men or lesbian action is sexy. Everyone has the right to love whoever they want I believe but me believing that I shouldn’t judge is wrong in people eyes. I can’t play a part in inequality. It’s just like being racist not being accepted as equal. If you’re a pastor I don’t think it’s fair to say no to anyone happiness. “No regularly licensed or ordained minister or any priest, imam, rabbi, or similar official of any religious organization is required to solemnize or recognize any marriage” (Dolan, P. 2013). “A regularly licensed or ordained minister or priest, imam, rabbi, or similar official of any religious organization shall be immune from any civil claim or cause of action based on a refusal to solemnize or recognize any marriage under this section” (Dolan, P. 2013). “One such issue is how far religious exemptions should extend for those who are morally opposed to same-sex marriage on the basis of their religious beliefs” (Dolan, P. 2013).

“Perhaps more interestingly, the analysis also shows that the effects of traditional family structure and gender roles are especially strong in counties characterized by weak community cohesion, as indicated by residential instability, low rates of home ownership, and high crime rates” (McVeigh, R. 2009). “Americans' attitudes regarding homosexuality and gay rights have become increasingly liberal (Loftus 2001). “According to General Social Survey data, as recently as 1990 over 75 percent of Americans believed that sexual relations between two adults of the same sex are "always wrong” (McVeigh, R. 2009). “The percentage expressing that belief dropped to 57.6” (McVeigh, R. 2009). “Although a majority of Americans continue to view homosexuality as immoral or "wrong," must also approve of equal employment opportunities for gays and lesbians” (McVeigh, R. 2009). “Perhaps just as important from the perspective of gay rights supporters, legalizing same-sex marriage would mean the government could no longer enforce restrictions on marriage based on an understanding of homosexual unions as deviant and illegitimate” (McVeigh, R. 2009).

“Varying understandings of same-sex marriage develop through life-long socialization processes and are constructed and reconstructed in everyday conversations in churches, college campuses, coffee shops, workplaces,...

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