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Philosophy 201 Essay

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Would You Rather Live in Ignorant Bliss or the Horrible Truth?

Liberty University Online
Phil 201: Fall Semester 2014

Most of us have watched the movie, “The Matrix.” What some people might not know is that this is not a new concept. There have been philosophers, namely Plato and Descartes, who have been pondering concepts like this, way before the movie was released. Is there a way to prove that the world we live in is real, and not just some sort of dream? Can we trust the five senses that we depend on so much? How can we be sure that how we live, where we live, and what we live for is real? Let’s explore.
The Matrix talks about how we are all being deceived in this world, ...view middle of the document...

For if he was doubting it, he was thinking to doubt it, and if he was thinking, then he must exist to think in the first place.” (Dew, pg.152) I love the way Descartes puts this because it is so simple. How can anyone question their existence in the first place, because in order to question it we have to do something, and if we are doing something then obviously we exist. If we take the literal term of dreaming, then the first action would mean being asleep. Since we are aware when we are awake, then how could we be confused with dreaming since we know that we are not sleeping.
I believe that senses only have to do with some of our beliefs. Someone can always have a belief that is wrong, but to question the reliability of our senses being the cause is not always the case. For instance, I do not believe in Jesus Christ because I can see, smell, taste, touch, or hear him. I believe in him with my heart, which is not a sense. The Lord does not communicate to his children through our senses, all the time. He can actually speak to us through our hearts, and...

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