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Philosophical View On Gattaca Essay

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My Philosophical View on Gattaca

My Philosophical View on Gattaca
I personally always thought that knowing what would happen to me and my life would be a great way to avoid the problems that I might encounter, but after watching Gattaca (1997), I am absolutely glad that I get to face even the smallest challenges in my life. Gattaca (1997) is a good movie overall, but to think of the problems I face on a daily basis makes me glad I am a “God child”, (Gattaca, 1997). In the movie any child born that has not been confirmed by a geneticist of being perfect, or as close as possible to perfect, is known as a “God child, degenerate, faith birth, or in-valid”, ...view middle of the document...

Gattaca (1997) makes this point very clear when the scene of a man playing a piano ends and Vincent, also known as Jerome, and Irene are talking and Irene states “that piece can only be played with twelve”, (Gattaca, 1997). The statement refers to a genetic defect of the piano player, that he has six fingers on each hand and that anyone only having five fingers on each hand would not have been able to play the music piece. This only shows that having a genetic defect does not make a person “in-valid”, (Gattaca, 1997), but shows, by having this defect, that it makes him special, because he is one of the few people that can play this particular piece of music.
The movie Gattaca (1997) deals with the issue of discrimination on the basis of genetics, so the problem shown in the movie is the discrimination of an “in-valid”, (Gattaca, 1997) individual. The movie, Gattaca (1997), portrays Vincent as an invalid and yet, Vincent is able to find a way to get around the “in-valid”, (Gattaca, 1997) status and follow his dream. Discrimination is morally wrong and does not have to be based on race, creed, color, or religion. “Vincent (Ethan Hawke) explains in his voice over narration that genes determine your future in this world that strives for perfection, ‘I belonged to a new underclass no longer determined by social status or the colour of your skin’. However as the geneticist points out economics determine whether or not you can have a genetically engineered baby. This contradicts the film’s claim that class is not a factor in discrimination but rather economics and social barriers influence our fate”, (Ellis, 2002). With this kind of discrimination, based on economics, social status, and genetics, not everyone would be able to have a perfect child. The way Vincent overcomes his “in-valid”, (Gattaca, 1997) status is to buy the identity of a “valid”, (Gattaca, 1997) person to donate his blood and urine specimens, so that Vincent can use them to get a job at Gattaca (1997). With help from a middle-man “who didn’t exactly advertise in the yellow pages”, (Gattaca, 1997), Vincent is able to meet Jerome Morrow, buy Jerome’s identity, and become a “valid”, (Gattaca, 1997) individual. This also allows Vincent to follow his dream of becoming an astronaut.
Another discrimination that may arise from the movie would be from insurance companies. Knowing that an individual will only live a certain number of years would cause insurance companies to discriminate and charge more for the insurance premiums. “Already some insurance companies have tried to discriminate against people with inherited genetic defects, such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and so on. As a consequence, governments are trying to protect private medical information and to prevent insurance companies from refusing coverage. Without such legislation, Gattaca becomes a very real possibility, the kind of world the future may inherit”, (Kakmi, 2004). ...

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