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Philippines, Being One Of The Most Friendly Countries Towards Homosexuality According To A Survey “The Global Divide On Homosexuality” Conducted By The Us Based Pew Research Center Last 2013. Being A Country That Widely

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Philippines, being one of the most friendly countries towards homosexuality according to a survey “The Global Divide on Homosexuality” conducted by the US-based Pew Research Center last 2013. Being a country that widely accepts homosexuality, a lot of straight men and women that are homosexuals are loud and out. Although the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders) are now accepted by the Philippine society, they have come a long ...view middle of the document...

One of the ways the discriminated gays thought of was to come up with a code that only they will understand in order to hide from the prying eyes and ears of the society they move in. But because of the everyday and frequent use of the code in parlors, sidewalks, comedy bars and other places where gays frequently hang out.
Since 1960’s where an evolution of the Filipino language sprouted called Taglish or Tagalog-English where one of its steady sources has been gay language, which has generated so many words and idioms that have been inserted in the mainstream of the everyday Taglish. As the gays started to be accepted by the society, the language grew gradually adding more and more terms from different sources.
Gay language has also influenced the way the society converses and is empowering the gays more, giving them an identity and a trademark. As this language continues gradual evolution and acquiring more words, more and more rules also come along. Gay language has now paved its way from the streets and parlors to classrooms, offices and even media. Gay language is today a widely known language where words are frequently used in the everyday conversations.

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