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Philippine Vs. Anglo Saxons Short Stories Essay

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Ma. Gretchiela G. Gabral R71
Ma. Gretchiela G. Gabral R71
Comparative Analysis of Philippine and Anglo-Saxon Short Stories
It could not be denied that the early Philippine short stories in English were influenced by the Anglo-Saxon. The Philippine short stories had evolved from the earlier literature of fables and folk tales and adapted the elements of the short stories of the Anglo-Saxon.
The Philippine and Anglo-Saxon short stories were alike in many ways. I found “Dead Stars”, the first Philippine short story in English as equally interesting as “The Storm” although the pace of the story differed in each. Both stories were able to present thematic ideas with the use of the setting ...view middle of the document...

In the short story “The Bread of Salt”, social hierarchy was presented. Social hierarchy was also reflected in “A Rose for Emily”. The natural emotions of anger and misery were also showcased in the short stories “Magnificence”,”Tell-Tale Heart” , and “Misery”.
The two literatures had unique characteristics. In the short stories of Anglo-Saxon, the use of the concepts of light and darkness was prevalent. “A Clean Well-Lighted Place” showed how the old man sought for a clean well-lighted place for that place alone gave him some peace. The old waiter was just like the old man in his view of nothingness and he would probably end up just like the old man. “What We Talk When We Talk About Love” also used the “light and darkness”. At the end of the short story, the characters fell silent as darkness enveloped them.
In terms of sensitivity, the Philippine short stories were written in a more conservative manner compared to the Anglo-Saxon short stories. ”Magnificence” is a concrete example in its use of pencils. On the other hand, the Anglo-Saxon short stories were defiant in its expressions of words. “The Storm” was like a breakthrough from a nutshell in its vivid imagery of adultery and sexual gratification as well as “What We Talk When We Talk About Love” in its use of vulgar words. However, the imagery and use of vulgar words made the short stories more wholesome and parallel to the characters’ development in the story.
What makes Philippine short stories more interesting than those of the Anglo-Saxon is the depth of its stories rooted from specific cultural beliefs and traditions. The clear interconnection of culture and ideas to literature is what makes Philippine short stories better than Anglo-Saxons short stories.
In the Wedding Dance, the story did not just end in the acceptance of Lumnay that she and Awiyao could not be together because of her supposed inability to bear a child. There could be follow-up questions about societal upbringings that drove Awiyao to marry another woman.
Hypothetically, other stories are attached to the Philippine short stories since it is based in culture and traditions. Also, our history has a lot to tell about it. In the “Wedding Dance”, it would be helpful to research what tribes still practiced to contemporary times the rituals or traditions featured in the short stories.
In the short story “Bread of Salt”, it would be helpful to dwell on the connection of the pandesal to the character and the events in the short story and also research on why it was called the bread of salt. The character’s buying of the padensal with his own money encompassed the idea of the guy’s desire to alleviate himself from the low-class society...

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