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Phd Economics Student Essay

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Tender: Housekeeping services

NIFTEM campus comprises of an administrative Block, Seminar/ Auditorium Block, academic block, Library Block, Lab Block, Pilot Plants & Cafeteria, two hostels, residential units and one guest house. The details of scope work for various activities related to housekeeping are as under: (a) Activities and frequency of cleaning / sweeping of office complex:
S. No. 1 Works Details Frequency of Cleaning


Rooms Cleaning of the doors Removal of the Cobwebs Dusting of the verticals Cleaning of Electrical Switches Spot cleaning of the walls Dusting of Windows Cleaning of windows Scrubbing of the skirting Dusting of ...view middle of the document...

Ensure electric/water supplies including drinking water. Provide toiletry items as may be decided by the management. (c) Hostel buildings (Boys & Girls) after the hostels are ready for occupancy. Total maintenance & upkeep. Any other service as may be decided by the management from time to time. (d) Other activities-Round the clock supervision & care of Guests. 1 Cleaning and scrubbing of toilets on regular interval/ as & when required. 2 Removal of paper, litter, garbage and packing material from all floors /rooms/pantry etc. and to be dumped in a dump yard of the Institute.
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Tender: Housekeeping services

3 Vacuum cleaning of carpeted floors on a daily basis. 4 Dusting of furniture, telephones, etc., firstly with dry cloth and then with good quality liquid detergent 5 Cleaning and scrubbing of toilets on regular interval/ as & when required. 6 Cleaning of washbasins, sanitary fittings and toilets floors with dry & wet mops. 7 Cleaning of window glass panes/ panels both sides, frames & air conditioning grills. 8 Dry & wet mopping of staircases, Pantry & lobby area. 9 Cleaning of planters. 10 Reception and lobbies to be mopped twice/thrice in a shift or as and when required. 11 Cleaning of Reception door and main entrance glass door and frames on both sides. 12 Dry & wet mopping of main lobby area on regular intervals. 13 Dry & wet dusting of glass partitions with glass cleaner. 14 Dusting and cleaning of conference tables and chairs. 15 Spot cleaning of carpets on regular basis as per prescribed maintenance instructions. 16 Cleaning of panel posters, painting, light fittings, furniture & fixtures etc. 17 Scrubbing of staircase, lobbies and outside areas. 18 Removal of cobwebs. 19 Brasso polishing of brass/copper fixtures 20 Cleaning of open lawns, foot path area on daily basis – twice a day. 21 Cleaning of Glass panes from Outside – Once in a month. 22 Cleaning and maintenance of artificial plants. (e) List of Premium Quality Materials to be used for cleaning:
S. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Name of the Items Liquid Soap Odonil Cubes Naphthalene Balls Toilet Roll of Premium quality C Fold tissues of Premium Quality Face Tissues of Premium Quality Cotton Dusters Glass Dusters Dust Mop With blue acrylic cloth and handle Flat Wet Mop with cotton mop head and handle Dust Mop head acrylic Flat Wet Mop Head Floor cleaner with marble floor Toilet cleaner Spiral- Floor Cleaner for other Floors Signature of tenderer

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Tender: Housekeeping services 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Cotton Dusters Housekeeping caddy for each Housekeeping personnnel Blue plastic floor squeeze with white color double blade (55cm) with handle (35 cm) Manual scrubbing tool for skirting and corner with handle green pad Hand scrubbing tool for vertical area with green pat & white pad Glass cleaning set complete Cobweb brush round Cobweb brush curved Vertical Dust Pan clip with broom Red Duster with handle

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