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Phase Iii Essay

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I. Employee Appraisal and Performance Evaluation:

The performance appraisals at Initech are an essential process for the effective management and evaluation of the organization staff. They are conducted to help each Division develop their individual’s associates, improve their performance, and also for next fiscal years business planning purposes.

Performance Appraisals will help to monitor standards, objectives, expectations, responsibilities, tasks, training needs and career succession planning. Also the employee appraisals are used for the evaluation of annual pay and grading reviews, which also coincides with the next year business planning.

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Additional responsibilities delegation, employee growth and development
Counseling and feedback
Director and associate relationship development

V. Performance Appraisals Process:

1. Prepare - materials, previous performance appraisal, notes agreed tasks and records of performance, achievements, incidents and reports. The appraisals should focus on helping the associate to grow.
2. Inform - inform the associate in advance the time and place and provide an agenda.
3. Environment - the atmosphere must be relaxed and informal
4. Introduction - open with a positive statement.
5. Review and measure - review the activities, tasks, objectives and achievements. Being objective is extremely important.
6. Action Plan Agreement - An overall plan must be agreed with the associate, which should take account of the job responsibilities, career aspirations and the reviewed strengths and weaknesses. The plan must be agreed and realistic.
7. Objectives Agreement - specific actions and targets that together form the action plan.
8. Support Agreement- support required for the Associate to achieve the objectives. (Trainings, courses and seminars, coaching, mentoring, shadowing, workshops etc.)
9. Invite any other points or questions – Ensure all concerns are clarified.
10. Close positively - Thank the associate for their contribution to the meeting and their effort through the year, and commit to helping in any way you can.

Record meeting- Main points, agreed actions and follow-up.

Annual Performance Appraisal

Appraisal Score Overall Score: / 5.0

Employee Information

Job Title:

Director Name:


Hire Date:

Last Appraisal Date:

Evaluated By: _________________________________

Definitions of Ratings

Exceptional (5): Consistently exceeds all relevant performance standards as identified by Initech . Provides leadership, fosters teamwork, is highly productive, innovative, responsive and generates exceptional work. Active in industry-related professional and/or community groups.

Exceeded Expectations (4): Consistently meets and often exceeds all relevant performance standards as identified by Initech. Shows initiative and versatility, works collaboratively, has strong technical & interpersonal skills or has achieved significant improvement in these combined areas.

Meets Expectations (3): Meets all relevant performance standards as identified by Initech. Seldom exceeds or falls short of desired results or objectives. Lacks appropriate level of skills or...

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