Phase 1 Leadership, Management, And Ethics: Discussion Board 2

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November 19, 2012

Task Type: Discussion Board 2

Managerial vs. Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
Management and Leadership are unique in their own separate ways, but they also tend to complement each other as well, because in order for any business to be successful you need to have them both. Without this role in place an organization, even one like ECG will fail, because in this day and time organizations have to adjust to all the changes in such a “turbulent economic times” (Nahavandi , 2003), so much so that it has prompted more research into management and leadership roles and responsibilities in order ...view middle of the document...

Leader always try to inspire trust, and understanding with people, as well as good communication.
2. Be able to keep their employers as well as management informed on daily, weekly or monthly activities pertaining to the organization.
3. Lead by example/set good ethical example as well.
4. Being able to lead by knowing your strength and weakness, and work to achieve self-improvement for the areas that need to be strengthened.
5. Lead by being able to make timely and sound decisions for your organization.
Some of the traits and characteristics of Leadership that should be utilized are:
1. Strategic, which would be great for any organization because it focuses “on the entire "organization, rather than just a single department” (Nahavandi, 2003).
2. Culture as well as gender also has a big impact on organizations, because companies are made up of individuals from all walks of life as well as gender. In leadership research have it have been stated that suggests that some women executives “in traditional organizations succeed if their styles mirror” (Nahavandi, 2003) their male counterpart leadership styles. This type of information will help organization since “at the supportive style more typical of women encourages greater employee participation and empowerment” (Nahavandi, 2003).

The next traits and characteristics that management should consider implementing in there organizations are:
1. Management needs to have an optimistic attitude because in order for a business to be successful they need a manager who comes to work and faces every day work operation with this type of attitude. They need to be able to smile (genuinely) and express a can do attitude that others employees can see and relate too. They don’t need a manager who is always grumpy, never have a kind word to say and act like he is the only person at work, which can kill an organizations mental state of mind which can lead to a high turn over for any organization.
2. Organizations need management in place that is knowledgeable about their organization. A manager who can answer questions by staff members, clients, and customers, and not one who tell them to go see someone else for the correct answer, which will make people start to question there management position and create a riff throughout the company. They need a manager that will tell them “I do not know the answer to that question, but I will find out for you”. This will make the people around them to see them as willing to get the right information, and not just someone who sends them all over the organization to get answers, because that can be considered bad management.
3. Most of all they need to have “Integrity and Trustworthiness” (Kathryn Vercillio), because they want people in the organization to feel that they will be able to trust and believe them. Basically there word should be their bond. This part will not be easy, you just don’t start out trusting people, but asking the right question...

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