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Petrie Case Chapter 4 Essay

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Petrie Case Chapter 4
Chapter 4
1. IS steering committees:
Steering Committee: A group or high-level stakeholders that provides guidance, direction and control to a project within an organization.

Major Functions of an IS Steering Committee:
a. Building a Business Case for the project
b. Planning
c. Providing assistance and guidance
d. Monitoring the progress
e. Controlling the project scope
f. Resolving conflicts

IS Steering Committee exists because:
a. They set the agenda
b. They take responsibility for certain issues
c. They set the tone for cooperation
d. They give authority to matrix organizations
e. They represent stakeholders that do not ...view middle of the document...

During the first step of information systems planning, a senior manager, a business group, an IS manager, or a steering committee identify all possible systems development projects that an organizational unit can undertake.

3. Developing Information Systems Projects Criteria’s:
a. Value Chain Analysis
b. Alignment with Business Strategy
c. Potential Benefits
d. Resource Availability and Requirements
e. Risks

Arguments for Proposed Customer Loyalty System:
a. A Customer Loyalty System can benefit both the customers and their business alike
b. A Customer Loyalty System can show customers that they are valued and make them feel special
c. A Customer Loyalty System can encourage customers to shop more frequently by them
d. A Customer Loyalty System can allow Petrie Electronics to collect customer’s information
e. A Customer Loyalty System can allow Petrie Electronics to track customer’s spending habits

4. Look at Figure 4-4. What kind of information would you need to have to be able to put together a table like Figure 4-4 to present to the steering committee?
Weighted Multi-criteria Analysis
Alternative Designs (Proposed Projects)
Key System Requirements (Criteria)
Key Constraints (Criteria)

How much of that information is objective? Subjective? Justify your answer.
The weights are fairly subjective and are arrived at through a process of open meetings discussions to reveal underlying assumptions with the Analysis Team, Users, and Managers in an attempt to reach a consensus among the stakeholders.

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