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The Pet Adoption League of Yukon
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The shelter's goal is to provide the kind of care that turns a frightened, hungry, deserted, or unwanted dog or cat into someone's cherished friend for life.
The Pet Adoption League of Yukon
The Pet Adoption League of Yukon (PAL) is a Shelter located in Yukon Pennsylvania; they take in unwanted or abused animals and care for them until they can be placed in a new home. The fact that they are a no kill shelter makes them very different from the Humane Society of Pennsylvania. As I walked through the kennels at PAL, I felt my heart sink lower and lower and could feel some of the animals' pain. When you look into their sad droopy eyes, you can tell each animal has its own sad story to tell anyone that will listen. I continued and some of the dogs were happy and begging for attention while others were visibly shaking. I stopped and looked in on a little Beagle that seemed timid and shy, after a few minutes he was cuddled up next to me as though he felt safe. I spent ten minutes loving this beautiful animal realizing he is another of God's creations and somebody just tossed him aside. I am sure he must have been abused as I could see him squint every time I made a motion and each time I could feel his uneasiness. He looked at me with eyes that said take me home please as I left his kennel I remember thinking, how could anyone be so cruel to such a little sweetheart. If people would realize that most dogs only mission in their relatively short time on earth is to please and share in love and affection with their master. The Pet Adoption League of Yukon takes responsibility of these unwanted or discarded souls and tries to rehabilitate them for adoption. The mission of The Pet Adoption League of Yukon is to promote pets as valued family members, worthy of life-long protection and love, not merely as animals that people "own". Education about responsible pet guardianship is also a big part of their work. Special emphasis is given to the importance of spaying and neutering, and to the cruelty of chaining dogs to doghouses. They promote pets as valued family members, worthy of life-long protection and love, not merely as animals that people "own". The goal of the organization is to provide the kind of care that turns a frightened, hungry, deserted, or unwanted dog or cat into someone's cherished friend for life.
Miss Barb Flannigan provided a wealth of information on the shelters issues. Full capacity is 40 dogs and 10 cats but they are in the process of building a new cat shelter but need volunteers and funds to complete it. Barb Flannigan states:
It is a lot tougher to place cats because cats are not regulated. They are not required to have a license. The cat population is so much higher than dogs for those reasons. If they were regulated and licensed the population would decrease. There are so many more stray cats than dogs. When someone sees a stray dog, they call the dogcatcher and that stray is usually picked up right away. Cats are more...

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