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Pestel Analysis China

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Recently China has made extraordinary efforts in modernizing legal and economical
system aimed to stabilize the growth of the country; however China remains a strictly
controlled country, where civil liberties, such as freedom of communication, religion
practice and demonstration are severely limited. Major internal problems in China include
growing corruption, increasing rural poverty and environmental degradation. China
enjoys a strong relationship with the US and other western countries and is likely to
increase its influence in the region due to its expanding economy. China has difficult
relations with a number of neighbouring countries, such as Japan, ...view middle of the document...

of the population in the target age group are
female and although the gender equality has
been in the past years a priority for the
Chinese government, women still experience
a significant status and income disparity. In
average women with a university degree can earn as little as 75% of the salary of males
with equivalent skills. Finally it should be noted that in China title and status are very
important, as well as punctuality both professionally and socially.

China has developed a number of industrial
centres where transport, telecommunications and
energy infrastructures are widely available. China
has also demonstrated a widespread adoption of
new technologies, for example mobile phone
subscriptions has sharply increased to 461
million, compared to the 368 million land lines (CIA world factbook, 2008, [9]). The
number of internet users has also peaked in 2007 to 162 million thanks to a
comprehensive broadband network infrastructure based on submarine trunks, fibre-optic
cables and satellite links, making China the third largest internet community after the
European Union with 247 million and the US with 208 million. Although comparable in
terms of population, China has got almost 3 times more internet users than India (60m).

The environmental policy is becoming one of the most critical issues for the Chinese
government, which is investing $175 billion over the next five years for environmental
improvements. In fact the current ecological degradation, due to rapid industrial growth
of the...

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