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Pest Analysis Of Romania

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8 elements of Culture in Romania
—Romania is located in Central Europe, bordering the Black Sea, the neighbors are Bulgaria, Ukraine and Hungary. The Danube is the second longest river after Volga in Europe, it originates in Black Forest in Germany, and flows through 9 European countries: Germany (7.5%), Austria (10.3%), Slovakia (5.8%), Hungary (11.7%), Croatia (4.5%), Serbia (10.3%), Bulgaria (5.2%), Moldova (1.6%), Ukraine (3.8%) and Romania (28.9%).

—Conclusion: Romania is a Central European country, and has close connection with neighbors (both Western and Eastern European countries).

Ethnic Group
—About ethnic group in Romania, the main group is Romanian, which is ...view middle of the document...

—The country gained recognition of its independence in 1878. 9 May 1877 (independence proclaimed from the Ottoman Empire; independence recognized on 13 July 1878 by the Treaty of Berlin); 26 March 1881 (kingdom proclaimed); 30 December 1947 (republic proclaimed)

—It joined the Allied Powers in World War I; In 1940, Romania allied with the Axis powers and participated in the 1941 German invasion of the USSR; 1943, overrun by the Soviets, Romania signed an armistice.

—The post-war Soviet occupation led to the formation of a Communist "people's republic" in 1947 and the abdication of the king.

—The decades-long rule of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who took power in 1965, and his Securitate police state became increasingly oppressive and draconian through the 1980s. Ceausescu was overthrown and executed in late 1989. Former Communists dominated the government until 1996 when they were swept from power. Romania joined NATO in 2004 and the EU in 2007.

—Conclusion: By the press of neighbors ( ie. Germany, Russia), its history is seriously influenced. As well as, its relationship with others usually depends on major trends of the world. Especially, during the two world wars, it was struggling to survive aground different powerful groups.

Political philosophy
—Government type: Republic
—Legal system: Civil law system

—Executive Branch:
*Chief of state: President Traian BASESCU (president elected by popular vote for a five-year term, eligible for a second term);
*Head of government: Prime Minister Emil BOC, Deputy Prime Minister Marko BELA (prime minister appointed by the president with the consent of the Parliament);
* Cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the prime minister.

—Legislative Branch:
* The Senate or Senat (137seats; members elected by popular vote in a mixed electoral system to serve four-year terms);
* The Chamber of Deputies or Camera Deputatilor (334 seats; members elected by popular vote in a mixed electoral system to serve four-year terms).

—Judicial Branch
* Supreme Court of Justice (comprised of 11 judges appointed for three-year terms by the president in consultation with the Superior Council of Magistrates, which is comprised of the minister of justice, the prosecutor general, two civil society representatives appointed by the Senate, and 14 judges and prosecutors elected by their peers);
* A separate body, the Constitutional Court, validates elections and makes decisions regarding the constitutionality of laws, treaties, ordinances, and internal rules of the Parliament; it is comprised of nine members serving nine-year terms, with three members each appointed by the president, the Senate, and the Chamber of Deputies.

—Conclusion: This country is a democracy political system, its brief of country system can be as following:

—Romania: Eastern Orthodox (86.7%).

—Germany: Christian. ( The biggest group of religion in Germany. However, Eastern...

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