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Peru Culture Essay

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Culture is the aquired knowledge that people use to interpret, experience, and generate social behavior.
Culture is learned by viewing beliefs and customs within the culture and we extrapolate meaning systems by observing
what people do, what they say, and the artifacts people use. In class, we studied Peru's culture through college
students at USIL, a university in Lima. We were able to talk to them through video,e-mail, and chat discussion.
My partner was Fiorella and from her I learned many things about her culture: College life, family tradition, religion, meaning of
life, stereoytpes, and predjudices.
From talking to Fiorella, I found that some things about the university ...view middle of the document...

Peru is a very diverse nation and has many
cultures that have been incorporated by European, African and Asian migrants. Even though Lima is very modernized,
there are small villages outside Lima that still practice traditions from major pre-Hispanic civilizations and still
dress similar to what their ancestors used to dress. Lima is a major city bustling with living history and movement.
Lima features pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern elements. It is also surrounded by every aspect of nature: the sea,
islands, mountains, desert, and plant life. It offers an active and modern nightlife and also a well-endowed
cultural scene. Lima has public transport and non-stop activities and traditional festivals. At some of the festivals
that they have, everyone dresses up in traditional clothing to honor their ancestors.For example, Fiorella mentioned
Month of the Lord of the Miracles which takes place October 18th, 27th, and 28th. The processions take place during
the month of October, in which all Lima is dressed in purple for the most spectacular and attended to religious
festivity, where the habits, pastries and scapulars of the Christ of Pachacamilla inundate the city. This
procession congregates the largest number of devotees of South America, who pay homage to the Purple
with chants and praises whilst the image makes its way through the city. The history of this procession goes
back to the Colonial period, when a slave brought from Angola painted the image of a black Christ on the walls of
a humble precinct of the hacienda of Pachacamilla, close to Lima.
From talking with Fiorella, students there think and do some similar things that students here do.
She and her classmates enjoy watching MTV and are very much into sports like soccer. They celebrate holidays
such as independence day, teacher's day, and mother and father's day. Most teenagers are not able to work

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