Persuasive Speech Outline Grading Rubric

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Persuasive Speech Outline Grading Rubric

| |Outstanding (15-13) |Good (12-10) |Fair (9-7) |Unacceptable (6-0) |Points |
|Speech Planning |Outline perfectly or almost |Outline mostly retains the form|Outline retains some of the |Outline retains little if any | |
| |perfectly retains the form of the|of the sample outline and |sample outline’s form and |of the sample outline’s form | |
| |sample outline and presents |presents conceptually sound, |presents some conceptually |and presents few if any ...view middle of the document...

|defines these). |statement, as the text defines |statement, as the text defines | |
| | | |these). |these). | |
|Body |Outline’s body includes all or |Outline’s body includes most of|Outline’s body includes some of|Outline’s body includes few if | |
| |almost all of the following: 3-5 |the following: 3-5 relevant, |the following: 3-5 relevant, |any of the following: 3-5 | |
| |relevant, well organized main |well organized main points, |well organized main points, |relevant, well organized main | |
| |points, presented in complete |presented in complete |presented in complete |points, presented in complete | |
| |declarative sentence form, each |declarative sentence form, each|declarative sentence form, each|declarative sentence form, each| |
| |with sufficiently developed |with sufficiently developed |with sufficiently developed |with sufficiently developed | |
| |sub-points |sub-points. |sub-points. |sub-points. | |
| | | | | | |
|Conclusion |Outline perfectly or almost |Most of the outline presents |Some of the outline presents |Little if any of the outline | |
| |perfectly presents conceptually |conceptually sound, |conceptually sound, |presents conceptually sound, | |
| |sound, sufficiently detailed |sufficiently detailed |sufficiently detailed |sufficiently detailed | |
| |conclusion, with each of the |conclusion, with each of the |conclusion, with each of the |conclusion, with each of the | |
| |sample outline’s conclusion |sample outline’s conclusion |sample outline’s conclusion |sample...

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