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Persuasive Speech On Wal Mart

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Outline for Informative Speech


Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the AT&T’s contribution to telecommunication.

Thesis Statement: AT&T’s innovative development of the transatlantic radiotelephone and communication satellite changed communication and inspired new inventions that would shape the future of the world.

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I was looking forward hearing their comments that I checked every time when I called home if the postcard had arrived. But the answers were always no. However, after I had been back home for a whole week, I found the “fresh” postcard actually just arrived in the mailbox. After viewing the pictures I took, the postcard wasn’t that impressive to my family as I imagined which was really disappointing.
II. Credibility Statement: As one of the millions of users of the transatlantic telecommunication service, I am grateful to those who contributed to it. Not only me, but governors, business managers, and academic scholars speak highly of the telecommunication system, because it gives us a better chance to expand our horizons.
III. Relating to the audience: Have you checked out the free courses that DEVRY University recently uploaded? Have you heard about the news of the 2012 Olympic Game in London from BBC new recently? Have you talked to a friend who is studying abroad through computer of cell phone? Noticed or not, telecommunication acts as an influential part in our

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