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Persuasive Speech

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Every night when I go back to my house, I see little kids sleeping on the street. These kids work every day and night for a few coins. They have dreams like us, but their reality is something different. They don’t have a family to support them. In fact, many don’t even know the meaning of “family”. I know all of you in this room have seen these children on the street. Do you ever think about what they go through on a daily basis?
Today, I want to convince you to help street children who are homeless.
Here are a few reasons you should help and support these street kids. First, they belong to families that have many problems. Second, they are members of society. And finally, they have dreams of their own.
Many of you might think that these children live and work on the street because their families send them to do so, but this isn’t always ...view middle of the document...

Let me show you some statistics about how this sad reality affects us.
According to Agencia Nacional de Bienestar Social (FONIF)
There are over 6,000 children living on the streets. 69.3% of street children from Nicaragua live in Managua. Of this 69.3%, 41.9% of these street children are between 6 and 11 years old, most of which are young males. They sleep in the street and will do anything to earn money to eat and live.
Society’s reaction to this problem might surprise you. For example, we ignore and reject these children. We also blame their parents and say that these children are the government’s responsibility.
Society could provide a solution through organization’s like SAVE THE CHILDREN. Organizations like this give street children a place to live and an education. Groups like this are great but in order for them to succeed, they need our support.
Some of you might think that street children don't have goals, but many of these children work hard to achieve dreams just like you and me.
According to interviews with these children (I can’t mention their names for protection). They want to go to school, they want to learn about many things, and they dream to be professionals. One of these kids said, “If someone gave me shoes, pants and books, I'd go to school.'' They want to help their families. They know that their parents are not guilty because their parents suffer too, and their parents are not educated. Another kid says “My mom suffered from domestic violence and she consumes drugs to ease her pain, maybe I’m part of her problem”. Their reality is cruel.
I hope I have convinced you to help street children. Please, remember, they don’t want to live this reality. They are members of society, and they want to change their future.
In conclusion, these children live a hard reality. They want to have a future. The next time you see these kids, please don’t ignore them, help them, and make a difference in their life. Offering just a little help today could make a big difference in their life tomorrow.

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