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Persuasive Paper Teen

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Persuasive Paper

How Teen Pregnancy Can Effect Teens
By Nick Matthew Sahlin

Teenage pregnancy is technically defined as occurring when a woman under the age of 20 becomes pregnant.
Numerous teenagers nowadays happen be teenage mothers. There have being several approaches to look at when this does affect all of young girls within ensuing sections i`m going to put in plain words the countless issues each and every teenage mother goes during the course of common lifetime along with their time ahead. I`m going to inform various possibilities in addition to discussing change in a young girl’s experience.
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Schools and society also responsible to emphasize the risk factors associated with unsafe sex as well as the results of unplanned pregnancy to teenagers, not to mention the ethical and moral values. (Lynncoffman, 2013).

Sex discomfort, could produce complications taking part in anybody`s erotic bond. Along with adding on the way to substantially agonizing sexual role, present will be probability denial responsive results, as a result setback must always ensue deal with right away when this turns out to be obvious.

The younger a teen is when he or she first has sex the more likely he or she is to have unprotected sex resulting in an STD or pregnancy. Teens who feel pressured to have sex because "everyone is doing it" should know that more than half of teens wait until they are older to have sex. There is no "safe" time to have unprotected sex, when there is not a chance that it will result in pregnancy or transmit an STD, and only abstaining from sex is guaranteed to prevent pregnancy or STDs.

The association of early sexual activity with teenage pregnancy has been a societal concern for decades. For females, teenage pregnancy can complicate adolescent development and contribute to a troublesome transition to young adulthood, which involves a potential future as a single parent with limited educational and economic opportunities. Since the 1990s the overall teenage pregnancy rate has declined, though, according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, four out of ten girls still get pregnant before their twentieth birthday. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates of any industrialized nation.
Teenage mothers are at risk for poverty and school failure, while their offspring are at risk for low birth-weight, poor access to health care, poverty, and early childhood developmental problems. Programs such as Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), which were created to support single parent mothers, have been criticized as being an incentive for the birth of children out of wedlock in poor communities. Consequently, poor teen mothers have sometimes been blamed for their circumstances and negatively portrayed within the media and the public arena. Yet the overall decline in teenage pregnancy has occurred across all ethnic groups, including the poor ethnic minority groups that are most likely to be demonized in the media as having excessive teenage pregnancy rates.
A significant risk factor for early sexual experimentation is a history of sexual trauma. This is true for both males and females, though the level of risk is increased for females. Adolescent girls who have a history of sexual trauma during childhood and/or adolescence may try to cope during their adolescent years by being sexually provocative. This coping mechanism is negative; however, victims of sexual abuse may try to control future sexual encounters by initiating sexual contact. This may influence the likelihood of...

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