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Persuasive Paper Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, With Visuals

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Assignment 5: Persuasive Paper Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals
Cell Phones and Driving – A Convenience or a Law Problem or Both?
With technology constantly on the rise, a growing problem on the roads today is the use of cell phones while driving. Although cell phones are a great convenience, there are people everywhere that use their cell phones as they are traveling in their vehicles and it is dangerous. Strict laws should be developed and enforced regarding the use of cell phones while driving. Over the years, there have been a growing number of automobile accidents directly caused by a person’s use of a cell phone while driving. This action does not allow the ...view middle of the document...

The driver could get just as distracted with a malfunctioning built-in GPS as he or she could with a cell phone or GPS in-hand. If people were more knowledgeable of the growing dangers of using a cell phone while driving, then maybe a more strict law would not be too harsh of a consideration.
People are aware of the dangers that cell phones and driving have caused; otherwise, there would not be items on the market that keep the equipment bound to the dash and keep the driver hands-free. It is sad to see that people are willing to spend a lot of money on things to keep the cell phones and driving together, rather than just waiting to use them when they are not driving.
People need to understand that there are dangers to using a cell phone while driving. There are no laws in any state that actually prohibit totally the use of cell phones while in the course of driving. However, there are laws that relate to cell phone use in various states. For example, in Texas, the bans against text messaging and cell phone use is primarily for novice drivers who are 17 years of age or younger. (GHSA 2013). In 2011 alone, over 3,000 people died and over 380,000 people were injured in automobile accidents that involved a driver who was districted. (CDC). These statistics are growing as the years go by. In San Antonio, there is a ban on cell phone usage while driving in a school zone. That is a start. Also, in 2009, an order was executed banning federal employees from texting while driving in the course and scope of their employment, and in 2010, commercial vehicle drivers were banned from texting while driving. (Id.) People are starting to take notice of this growing problem and the risk factors involved. In Texas, bus drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones while driving their buses. Recently, in San Antonio, there was an accident involving a bus driver who was driving a VIA bus and texting on his cell phone at the same time. That, to some, shows complete disregard for the people who are depending on that driver to get them to their destinations safely. It is also demonstrative of that person’s lack of concern for other people driving and walking.
Below is a photo of a car that was involved in an accident. The mother did not survive. She and her surviving daughter were victims of a cell phone user who ran a red light at a high rate of speed in 2005. Harvard researchers stated that “…around 2,600 people die each year as a result of this use of the technology ...” and another “330,000 are believed injured.” (Grace, 2009).

Some people think that they can do two things at once. Sometimes they can; however, driving should deserve all of a person’s concentration. We do not have a crystal ball that will tell us what other drivers are going to do, especially when signals are not used and everyone seems to be in a hurry. As stated by Watson (2009), “[D]rivers get...

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