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Persuasive Essay School To Work Programs

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Education is meant to ensure success in, or at least understanding of, the world that we live in. Being that a child's education is meant to prepare the child for life, shouldn't we prepare children for what will await them in the world outside of their school district? Why should we teach them information that either will not apply to their future lives or that they do not know will apply to their future lives? We should teach them information that will sculpt them into model workers and have them ready for the demanding working world that some so optimistically deem 'the rat race'. Thus starting a school-to-work program in which students are taught topics that will apply to their future ...view middle of the document...

Kathleen Floyd heads a Finance Academy within Lake Clifton Eastern High, which teaches history, math, English, math, science, computer skills, financial careers, economics, accounting, security operations, international finance, finance, financial planning, banking & credit, interview skills, resume writing skills, business etiquette, dressing properly, and how to speak to adults properly. All of these classes '.. help them [the students] see how classes relate to what's happening in the real world', Kathleen commented. Basically, students will have more motivation if they are aware that their education during school directly affects and benefits their future careers. And benefit it does. Surely, students who take classes such as computer skills, financial careers, economics, accounting, security operations, international finance, finance, financial planning, banking & credit, interview skills, resume writing skills, business etiquette, dressing properly, and how to speak to adults properly are more likely to have successful careers. Not only will they be more worldly and sophisticated, benefiting other aspects of their lives, but they will also surely be better prepared for the future career that they may follow. By students having internships, and being introduced to a work environment, they will be better prepared for the world and will know what to expect. By having shadow experiences in which students simply observe a person of a certain profession performing his or her job in order to learn from them will not only inspire them but give them a rough understanding of what would be expected of them, giving them more inspiration to perform exceptionally in school. With such well-prepared students, the future working world will surely benefit. Because if you have children who have been balancing checkbooks since fifth grade, children who have been taking advanced business-related classes, students who have already been introduced to a working environment, businesses will benefit by having more experienced people on their staffs. With more efficient, smart, and effective staffs, businesses would please their customers more often, encouraging them to spend...

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