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Dear President Bush:I am Victor Grigorov, and am a sophmore at Dulney High School. I have been studying the use of alcohol in teens as my advocasy issue. Because the the 21 year old drinking age law is not working, and is counterproductive, it behooves us as a nation to change our current prohibition law, and to teach responsible drinking techniques for those who chose to consume alcoholic beverages.The United States Citizen is allowed to vote when they are 18 years of age; 18 year old males are forced to join the Selective Service, for possible drafting. This means that 18-year old males can go to war. At age 18, a citizen is also inclined to jury duty. So, an 18-year old is given the responsibilities of ...view middle of the document...

For example, 22% of all students under 21 compared to 18% over 21 years of age are heavy drinkers. Among drinkers only, 32% of under age compared to 24% of legal age are heavy drinkers.This is a very important thing to keep in mind. Due to the increase of drinkgin age, significant increases were also found for other variables: "cutting class after drinking" jumped from 9% to almost 12%; "missing class because of hangover" went from 26% to 28%; "getting lower grade because of drinking" rose from 5% to 7%; and "been in a fight after drinking" increased from 12% to 17%. All of these behaviors are indicators of irresponsible drinking. This increase in abusive drinking behavior is due to "underground drinking" outside of adult supervision in student rooms and apartments were same age individuals congregate and because of lack of knowledge of responsible drinking behaviors.So after considering all these facts , i believe that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. This will help our society for the better. Teens will have more control over what they do due to the freedom of purchasing alcohol. They will be educated and will know how to control themselves, which will successfully lower the percantages above. More and more teens will become more responsible about this subject , and they will not be getting in trouble.I really hope that you will consider my opinion and ideas. And next time you have dinner with your family,sit down and ask your twins, Jenna and Barbara, if they waited till the age of 21 to have their first sip of freedom. The life of our current young Americans depends on you , and will you make the right decision?Sincerely,


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