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Persuasive Essay: Natural Law Of Right From Wrong

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What is Morality? It is one question that has been debated over by people since the beginning of time. Yet, even today, not one person can say what morality really is. Morality is a matter of opinion.
In his book Education in the Moral Domain, Larry Nucci, a psychologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago is somewhat helpful in distinguishing this. Nucci believes there are three areas that encompass social behaviour: First, the personal domain, where individuals have preferences for things that have no factual measurements (for ex: gum over lollipops). Secondly, the domain of social conventions, where rules could be different and it wouldn't make any difference and thirdly the moral ...view middle of the document...

If the bonds were too far relaxed, the members would drift apart. A common morality is part of the bondage. The bondage is part of the price of society; and mankind, which needs society, must pay its price.”

Children are basically born with a “blank slate” to the ways of the world. By examining the teaching of morality to children I have found that all children are born on the path to moral development.
Children are taught at home by family, at school school taught by teachers and when they go to church (if that do) they are taught by the church. Where do these teachers learn their morals? The teacher’s morals were learned from their teacher’s and so on. These morals are passed on from one generation to the next. Morals are a learned behavior. We are a product of our environment as children.
In an interview done by Nucci on a four-year-old girl, Nucci asked these simple questions; "Did you see what just happened?" "Yes. They were noisy." "Is that something you are supposed to do or not supposed to do?" "Not do." "Is there a rule about that?" "Yes. We have to be quiet." "What if there were no rules, would it be all right to do then?" "Yes." "Why?" "Because there is no rule." During that interview Nucci was distinguishing what he meant by ‘The Conventional Issue’.
In a bit to explain ‘The Moral Issue’ he asked different questions; "Did you see what happened?” "Yes. They were playing and John hit him too hard." "Is that something you are supposed to do or not supposed to do?" "Not so hard to hurt." "Is there a rule about that?" "Yes” "What if there were no rules about hitting hard, would it be all right to do then?" "No." "Why not?" "Because he could get hurt and start to cry." The four year old child is operation essentially on laws that were handed to her by someone in authority in the first interview and by internal law in interview two. Learning this, can we then say one specific thing is to blame for their behaviour when they are taught a certain moral as children?

Currently, entertainment is one of the most blamed factor for the behaviours of children. People are “finger pointing” on who is to blame for society’s behaviour. R-Rated; music, games, movies, television have received the brunt of it. Music, as a voice of protest and social commentary, goes far back into history and politicians knows this.
During the 1960s in the U.S. folk and rock musicians took part in the national dialogue over the Vietnam War, civil rights, the youth movement, and the role of women. Songs like " No Woman No Cry," "The Times They Are A' Changing," " Black Man," "Give Peace A Chance," and " We Shall Overcome " got people thinking and talking. The study of political music and musicians is a particularly useful way to get at the history of common people, "history from the bottom up." In a different approach, music that glorified VAW (violence against women) is considered worldwide as morally wrong. Technology advancements, particularly the internet...

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