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Persuasive Essay Example

575 words - 3 pages

Caira Humphrey
Ms. Tammone
Language Arts
Jan 20, 2011
Why You Should Consider Timebagels today
Hundreds of people are late to school or work each day. Almost fifty percent of said people usually end up leaving homework, projects, or assignments at home. This situation can be frustrating, irritating, and disastrous depending on the situation. Some people even get kicked out because their absences add up to a number that won’t be tolerated. My product strives to bring the number down, and it’s called the Timebagel.
The Timebagel, despite its complicated looks, is quite a simple product. To set your time, you simply pull out the switches, like you would on a regular clock, and set them by turning the nobs until they are set to your desired time. It is then activated by ...view middle of the document...

Now, with the Timebagel, life becomes much easier with the frantic scene of rushing out of the door turning into a serene one of calmly waking up and getting to do things at your personal pace, before eating the nutritious Timebagel and arriving at work right on time. On top of that, some people even have reported that they have woken up happier and went to work less stressed than they would usually under normal circumstances. Despite this amazing usage of this product, it isn’t the only use for it.
Ever wanted to experience history? Long-distance time travel is also a usage of the Timebagel. Several satisfied customers have praised the Timebagel’s past time viewing system, with numerous people saying that it helped them do history reports fast and more efficiently. This could also cure some of those burning history questions some people ask, such as what why William Shakespeare’s real name? What was Picasso’s favorite panting? Or even what was the Wright Brother’s favorite color. Also, since it’s a viewing feature and not an experiencing one, one can easily watch, say normal 16th century life, you could do so without disturbing anything going on around you. This makes the Timebagel even more useful, or even necessary, for it makes life easier for its users.
In conclusion, the Timebagel is a good product. It is useful for ages both young and old. It is simple to use and can simplify life for all of its users. On the other hand, some people may argue that it isn’t beneficial and on the other hand promotes laziness and could make people dependent on the Timebagel. This could be the same case with other modern products, such as coffee, alcohol, sweets, or video games. With moderation, the Timebagel is a blessing and an aid, and if used wisely will help millions of people, and that, truly is the big picture.

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