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Persuasive Essay Comm/215

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Persuasive Essay: Young Boys Should Be Involved
In Little League Activities (Baseball)
COMM/215: Essentials of College English
Mrs. Barbara Pleasant, PhD.
April 29, 2004
Young Boys Should Be Involved In Little League Activities (Baseball)
Young boys should be involved in league sports. Baseball is just one of the sports that little league offers. “Little League Baseball was founded in 1939 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania by Carl Stotz as a baseball program for boys. Little League Baseball is the largest organized youth sports program in the world with 2,900,000 participants on 193,000 teams in 91 countries” (Little League Baseball History). Many professional baseball players started out as a little leaguer in their community. This is where their dream started. Involving young boys in little league baseball would keep the child busy, help the child learn different skills, and help kids that come from single parent homes.
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Children need to have a place where they can go and have fun.
When a child is involved in little league at an early age, this helps them to learn different skills. They are taught the right way to stand when at bat, to run the bases, to catch the ball with the glove, and just many other small things that go along with the game. The child may even learn life skills such as the importance of being on time, and being a team player. Being apart of the team makes them more responsible. The child must remember to bring all necessary equipment for the game and also help clean up the dug-out after the games. Little League also teaches good sportsmanship, fair play, and most of all, to let them have fun (Marysville Little League).
Boys that come from single parent homes tend to do well in little league baseball. Usually boys that do not have a father at home sometimes cling to that coach. That coach serves as a father figure or big brother because they are taking time out with them. Young boys need that extra time. Sometimes young boys turn to the street looking for that time. This will allow them to turn that attend to a positive act. This may even cut down on behavior problem at home and school. Being a single parent, he or she may think that it is not affordable. Normally, fund-raisers are done for that reason. If not, assistants are available.
Little League is a positive activity for young boys to get involved at an early age. Most little league parks except kids’ starting at age’s three to four. The coaches are not paid. It is a 100% volunteer work which gives a good sense that they are they for the kids to have fun and not for money. Many adults that have been apart of the little league experience says that it was worth his or her time as well as their child. Involving young boys in little league baseball would keep the child busy, help the child learn different skills, and help kids that come from single parent homes. One’s child is worth the time and effort. Please check different parks in his or her community for more information.
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April 26, 2004 from
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