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Matthew Callender

G124/ENC1101 Section 13 English Composition - 2015 Spring Quarter

Physician assisted suicide/euthanasia should be legal.

When you hear the word suicide, most people associate it to the mentally ill, depressed or otherwise disturbed but there is a growing segment of people across the globe, who wants to die due to a wide range of disorders making life unbearable. Many argue that forcing a person to live with an incurable and painful disorder is like condemning them to a life of torture. Physician assisted suicide should be a decision a patient can make as long as they meet certain criteria and submit to mandated screening.
A sane and sober person should have the right to choose. We allow people to treat themselves with snake bites, drinking horse urine and a wide range of absurd treatments. Why can’t we choose to treat a terminal disease with death? It’s perfectly legal for an 18yr old to smoke cigarettes knowing it ...view middle of the document...

Given the choice, 92% of people would like to plan their death. What if you knew you were going to die in a car accident 3 days before it happened? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a chance to say goodbye to loved ones, take care of final arraignments and spend time doing the things you enjoy about life. Many cases show the family of a

patient with terminal/painful conditions suffer greatly with depression and conditions of their own due to seeing their loved ones suffer.
Many physicians also argue that restricting assisted suicide violates the Hippocratic Oath, specifically “Do no harm”. By forcing a patient to undergo a painful existence knowing no treatment is available and not being able to give the treatment the patient wants may violate their oath due to fear of legal prosecution. Any physician who didn’t alleviate their suffering when asked was violating the principles of their oath. We have many laws in place to require you to act when you see a crime when it harms another. This should apply to euthanasia.
The key to this is obviously having a process and procedure in place to ensure it isn’t abused and fully understood by all involved. By having a screening process and procedure in place it could act somewhat similar to the 3 day waiting process to purchase handguns. If you were required to see multiple physicians, at least 1 psychiatrist and have a significant waiting time the patient would have adequate information about the procedure and the ability to make an informed decision about ending their life. Physician assisted suicide needs to be legal!

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